Spyder2Pro by Colorvision

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ColorVision Spyder2PRO
by Datacolor
December 17, 2006
Spyder2PRO Introduction • What's In The Box / Closer Look
Spyder2PRO Monitor Calibration • Monitor Calibration (Part 2) • Monitor Calibration (Part 3)
Spyder2PRO PrintFIX PLUS • Spyder2PRO Specifications • Spyder2PRO Conclusion

Dynamic Range: Black point: 0.02 cd/m2
Dynamic Range: White point: > 5,000 cd/m2
Interface: USB data and power supply
Weight: 175g (6.1 oz) (including counterweight, LCD baffle, and USB cable)
Warranty: 2-year hardware warranty
MSRP: $279.00 | Click For Best Price
The Spyder colorimeter offered by ColorVision, is probably one of the most recognizable piece of calibration equipment in digital imaging. You can't help but notice its unique look. The Spyder2PRO allows users to calibrate CRT and LCD monitors, as well as laptops and digital projectors. In addition, the Spyder2PRO package comes with PrintFIX PLUS, which ColorVision says is the industry's first software-based profiling tool for the creation of custom printer profiles without the need for a scanner. In this review, DigitalDingus will be using the Spyder2PRO, which is ColorVision's latest offering of the Spyder line of products. The Eizo ColorEdge CE240W will be the target of calibration.

Spyder2PRO Features

  • Exceptional monitor support. V2.2 Software, reduces read times on LCD and laptop monitors by half
  • True multiple monitor calibration support for both Mac and Windows systems
  • Ambient PreciseLight Function measures ambient light and balances studio lighting and monitor settings accordingly
  • Superior Projector software with built in ambient light correction that automatically creates independent profiles for medium and high room light, improved white-point correction routines, and improved methodology for loading calibration data at start-up
  • A ‘Profile Chooser' makes it easy to select and change profiles for projector and monitor under Windows
  • New Front Projector calibration option ensures images are shown to the best advantage for presentations
  • Sophisticated Gray balance and tonal response algorithms provide demanding users with exceptional ColorVision Spyder2PRO V2.3 smooth gradient steps and neutral grays – even on LCD’s
  • Multiple Monitor calibrations and matching allow calibration and profiling of multiple monitors on a single system or across an entire studio
  • Exclusive automated black and white luminance adjustments for use in precision targeting, providing more consistent calibration results
  • Unique before and after viewing feature allows monitor comparison with and without calibration
  • Easy-to-use calibration Wizard with comprehensive help, guides users through-out the calibration process
  • High-test features for the professional that include custom response curves, colorimeter and information windows, custom targeting and ICC 2.0 and 4.0 support
The Spyder2PRO was announced February 21, 2006, about a week before PMA 2006, and also during CEBIT 2006. In case you haven't noticed, Datacolor has doubled the life of their warranty on the Spyder2PRO. A two-year hardware warranty is now standard versus the older 1-year warrantly. Obviously, Datacolor has a lot of confidence in the mechanics of the Spyder2PRO, which makes me feel confident in using the device.

Many new features are now included with the Spyder2PRO calibrating system and Datacolor listened to the input of previous Spyder users. An additional new feature in particular, is called PrintFIX PLUS, where you are not obligated to print color patches and measure them with a special device (which costs several times that of a typical monitor calibration system). What ColorVision does, is take the measurements for you from those printers, then includes the profiles with the software. PrintFIX PLUS is discussed more in depth as well as a list of currently supported printers (as of the date of this review) in this review.

As we progress into the age of digital imaging, devices are being constructed to more accurately represent what we see in real life. But often, real life colors elude us because our eyes are so adaptive, they can fool us. This is where color calibration systems such as the Spyder2PRO can make sure your eyes are seeing consistent results on your monitor, within your image editor, and the output of your printer.

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