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Nikon Announces The 10.2MP D200
October 31, 2005; 11:15pm PST Nikon Announces The 10.2MP D200
Nikon has FINALLY announced the successor to the very popular D100. The D200 is a 10.2MP, 100,000 cycle, 5fps, 11-area Multi-Cam (7 Wide-area) AF DSLR. Not bad for the $1699 USD MSRP price. More info coming soon . And pictures. For now, here are two press releases which are somewhat different so I posted both of them. Put on your glasses, grab your favorite drink, and get comfy in your favorite chair.
Nikon D200 (USA Press Release)
Nikon D200 (UK Press Release)

Nikon D200
October 28, 2005
The Nikon D200 should be announced Monday, October 31st in the US. Images still cannot be posted for "law-abiding" websites, so the D100 Lounge and the main DD website will not be posting images. However, once Nikon does officially announce the D200 and accessories, DD will be posting them.

MB-D100 Pages Updated
September 16, 2005
The MB-D100 Review has been updated to match the graphics of the website. These are older pages which are more of a historic relevance and reference, so these pages are taking some time in order to keep the same theme and elements.
Nikon MB-D100 Review

D100 Lounge Updates!
April 20, 2005
It's been over a year since updates have been posted on this section of DigitalDingus. There is a new look in the works, which will be the same as the main DD website page and other newer areas. Your eyes will thank me. The links on the main page will appear a little weird for a day or two.

D100 Lounge Updates!
February 29, 2004
Just to let D100 Lounge viewers know the Nikon Firmware pages are being updated, and your names are being added. We now have more than 500 names on the list. As to why there have not been any updates or news for a long time...well...there hasn't been much news. I hope you went to the main DigitalDingus page for more DP news and PMA 2004 coverage of new products being announced. If you have not, definitely check it out.

D100 Lounge Updates!
August 10, 2003
I have added a much more streamlined menu navigation system on your left. This will enable me to update new links across all webpages, which will save me a lot of time. This will also make certain that links will be consistent. Also, new photos have been added. Just go to the "D100 Photos" link, you will see an additional page added. New photos will be updated soon.

FOV Equivalency Calculator
April 25, 2003
I thought I would mention I have a simple FOV Equivalency Factor Calculator for almost all of the current DSLRs in use. Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus E-1, and even Sigma's SD9, are featured. Go to the FOVEF Calculator page and try it.

AF-S VR 70-200G: To Buy or Not To Buy
April 13, 2003
Nikon's hottest lens, the AF-S 70-200G VR, is putting out some great photos, but some are also finding it to be a real problem. Click here to view the problems 70-200 owners have reported, and also to read an overview of what I think is going on, and whether you should buy the lens.

D100 Lounge Linklist
October 29, 2006
Currently being constructed is a linklist for D100 users

Nikon AFS-70-200 VR Issues
Aperture Lever Issue
FOVEF Calculator
Nikon Nomenclature
Nikon D100 Review (Partial)
Nikon MB-D100 Battery Grip Review
Nikon SB-80DX Review

New Nikon Arsenal

Nikon Announces 10.2MP 5fps D200
November 1, 2005; 10:15am PST
The D200 is a 10.2MP, 100,000 cycle, 5fps, 11-area Multi-Cam (7 Wide-area) AF DSLR. D100 owners are certainly celebrating the specifications and the images circulating the net are very promising. The D200 is as close to a D2x as you can get, and for around $4000 less. It's no wonder why Nikon postponed the release of the D200.

Nikon Announces Nikon SB-R200
November 1, 2005; 11:15am PST Nikon Announces Nikon SB-R200 Remote Speedlight
Nikon has announced as a part of their Creative Ligthting System, the SB-R200 Remote Speedlight. Very compact and modern styling, it is to be used with the SU-800 Commander Unit. This is a part of a newly designed macro photography system.
Nikon SB-R200

Nikon Announces Nikon SU-800
November 1, 2005; 11:15am PST Nikon Announces Nikon SU-800 Commander Unit
Nikon has announced as a part of their Creative Ligthting System, the SU-800 Commander Unit. The SU-800 is to be used with the SB-R200 Remote Speedlight.
Nikon SU-800