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ColorVision Spyder2PRO
by Datacolor
December 17, 2006
Spyder2PRO Introduction What's In The Box / Closer Look
Spyder2PRO Monitor Calibration Monitor Calibration (Part 2) Monitor Calibration (Part 3)
Spyder2PRO PrintFIX PLUS Spyder2PRO Specifications Spyder2PRO Conclusion

ColorVision Spyder2Pro
Dynamic Range: Black point: 0.02 cd/m2
Dynamic Range: White point: > 5,000 cd/m2
Interface: USB data and power supply
Weight: 175g (6.1 oz) (including counterweight, LCD baffle, and USB cable)
Warranty: 2-year hardware warranty
MSRP: $279.00 | Click For Best Price
  • User-friendly GUI (Calibration Wizard)
  • Black and White Luminance adjustments
  • Custom Targeting
  • Multiple-monitor support
  • Unique design
  • Compatible with CRTs, LCDs, Laptops, and Projectors
  • Contains advanced features for professionals but still can be easily controlled by novice users in obtaining consistent and accurate results
  • Suction cups do not affect LCD screens with included attachment
  • Ambient Light Compensation (Spyder2PRO measures your environmental light along with your current calibration and suggests any changes in )
  • Generous 8ft USB cable
  • Custom Response Targeting (using the Response Curve)
  • Quality packaging allows for storage of the contents
  • Tripod adapter for calibrating projector screens
  • ICC 2.0 and 4.0 support
  • View before and after calibration results
  • PrintFIX PLUS software included for "no-scanner-needed" printer profiles
  • A very helpful and a wonderful resource of information within the PrintFIX PLUS user manual
  • 2-year warranty
  • None observed
  • Counterweight needs to be re-designed
  • PDF User Manual included (very helpful and much appreciated)
  • Needs a re-designed counterweight so when you press with your thumb (top) and index finger (from the bottom), the USB cord easily slides back and forth within the counterweight attachment, but when your fingers release, the USB cable doesn't move.
The SpyderPRO performed very well during several calibration routines and total calibration time was around 5-7 minutes. The initial calibration will take longer due to understanding how the software operates and what values to enter.

Calibration routines used to be long and rigorous, but Spyder2PRO demonstrates you do not have to know everything there is about monitor profiling. In fact, all you have to know is how to click a few buttons and select a few values. Other calibrating systems operate in a similar manner, but what I did find especially nice and convenient, was a user manual. The user manual comes separately in a PDF, and can be read separately from the actual Spyder2PRO calibration program. I found this to be essential in understanding what was going on at every step of the calibration process. First-time users are certainly going to get a learning curve boost from reading the manual and will make much more sense as they progress into the many advanced features of the Spyder2PRO software.


I did have an observation of the counterweight. Datacolor is not alone in needing a re-design of a few parts of their colorimeter system. Now, I'm not talking about the software, because the software works great and I highly recommend it to anyone. However, as I've noticed with another calibrator, the manufacturers fall short when it comes to a hassle-free way of putting the colorimeter on your LCD monitor. It takes way too much effort to pull the USB cable through the counterweight. Over time, the internal cable structure can be stressed beyond tolerable levels, resulting in a ripped USB cable. You may not notice it on the outside, but on the inside, the cable is split. What may possibly counteract this potential issue, is Datacolor's 2-year hardware warranty, as the warranty applies to "All parts defective in material or workmanship". Of course what happens after two years of use, is another story, but still, a two-year warranty is twice as long when compared to the competition.

Regardless of a minor hardware complaint, the Spyder2PRO calibrating system should definitely be on your short list of capable devices which accurately profile your monitor or other display device. With the prices of quality large-screen LCD monitors decreasing in price by the month, it's essential your purchase also includes a calibration system to maximize your LCD monitor's color potential.

And finally, I'd like to comment on PrintFIX PLUS. I haven't had a chance to look at the PRO version, but from what I experienced of the PLUS version, I am very confident in saying ColorVision has a great application which can only become more valuable to professionals who need the extra features. Once again, ColorVision includes an extraordinary user manual for PrintFIX PLUS and is also a fountain of information. When all of these apps are used with the Spyder2PRO colorimeter, you will certainly have a calibration system which will improve any aspect of your digital imaging interests.

Special Note For Adaptec CD/DVD Burning Software Users

Within the Installation Guide of the Spyder2PRO, Datacolor mentions you should NOT have Adaptec or Roxio CD burning software running while calibrating.

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