6x2 Component Matrix Switch by Impact Acoustics

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6x2 Component Video Matrix Switch
by Impact Acoustics
August 8, 2007
6x2 Component Matrix Switch: Introduction
6x2 Component Matrix Switch: What's In The Box 6x2 Component Matrix Switch: A Closer Look
Using The 6x2 Component Matrix Switch 6x2 Component Matrix Switch: Specifications
6x2 Component Matrix Switch: Conclusion

6x2 Component Matrix Switch
by Impact Acoustics
Features: 6 component inputs, 2 component outputs. TOSLINK audio inputs. Connect two monitors or other devices and have simultaneous display of video source.
Official Website: http://www.impactacoustics.com
MSRP: $179.99
Current Price: Click for best price
High Definition. It can also stand for Horrendously Demanding if you're not careful. When purchasing the latest high definition hardware, the realization soon sets in that your current A/V receiver just doesn't have enough component inputs and outputs to switch between your HDTV, X-box, PS3, HD DVD player, Blu-ray DVD player, DVD changer, and HD camcorder. While you may not necessarily own all of these devices just yet, it is more than likely going to be a reality in the future. Not only is technology getting better by the year, but prices of that technology are dropping as well. The problem is no longer the affordability, but instead, it is the compatibility with your old, new, and future A/V system.

The 6x2 Component Video Matrix Switch

Impact Acoustics has an answer to your component video blues (and reds and greens). The 6x2 Component Video Matrix Switch is designed to accommodate your HD expansion, and it has a few tricks up it's sleeve which should impress the ever-expanding HD enthusiast. The 40697, as it is called in the user manual, has two component video outputs which can be quite the convenience if you have a lot of video cables going here and there, and everywhere else. Six component video inputs can be input, while providing simultaneous video feeds to two sources.

Some of the notable features of the 6x2 Component Matrix Switch:

  • 6 Component Inputs
  • 2 Component Outputs for dual simultaneous viewing
  • TOSLINK for high-quality audio
  • IR Remote Control
  • High-quality design
About Impact Acoustics

Impact Acoustics is part of Lastar, which is formerly known as Cables To Go. CTG was founded in 1984. Lastar is a very technology-conscious company, which has a history of buying specialized connectivity companies and absorbing them into it's company structure. As it does this, more manufacturing options are available at a lower cost which translates to lower prices for the consumer when they look for high-end products to match their home audio and video equipment. Lastar also caters to the professional installation market and networking needs of the industry. Just recently, they acquired Quiktron which specializes in fiber optic networking.

Component or HDMI?

While HDMI is certainly the latest and allegedly more convenient way of transporting audio and video throughout your A/V system, the problem is the inherent integration of equipment which have component connections of years before. Of course, knowing the way technology is marketed these days, by the time this review is online, I wouldn't be surprised if we have yet another "standard" which will obligate the consumer to change their equipment yet again.

There are still many HDTV owners who only have component inputs and outputs, as well as receivers and many high-end receivers with an array of component jacks on the back. And let's not leave out DVD players. Yes, we have HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players on the market, but we still have a majority of the consumer base using DVD players with component ins and outs as well (not to mention, the new niche market upsampling DVD players which are component--some being HDMI as their models are upgraded). Yours truly has a Denon AVR-5700 and two DVD players with component connections, and I am most assuredly not going to sell them and upgrade to HDMI just because I need to be compatible with the alleged future of audio and video connections. Hek no. And I am sure I am not alone, which is why Impact Acoustics raised my eyebrows as I was searching for an above-average component switcher to handle my equipment.

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