Eye Candy Effects Collection by Alien Skin's

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Eye Candy Effects Collection
by Alien Skin
July 26, 2007
Eye Candy Effects Collection: Introduction
Eye Candy 5: Impact Eye Candy 5: Nature Eye Candy 5: Texture Snap Art Xenofex 2
Eye Candy Effects Collection: Specifications Eye Candy Effects Collection: Conclusion

Eye Candy Effects Collection
Features: 54 special effects available which include Eye Candy 5 Impact, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Eye Candy 5 Texture, Snap Art, and Xenofex 2.
Requirements: Requirements vary, so please visit the Eye Candy Effects Collections Specifications page for more details on each application.
Official Website: http://www.alienskin.com
MSRP: $399.00
Current Price: Click for best price
  • Intuitive and simple GUIs
  • Over 54 standard effects
  • Unlimited customizations
  • Handy "New Messages" features
  • Boring images can easily look terrific after an Alien Skin makeover
  • Great images will look outstanding after using Alien Skin's filters
  • Fairly small memory footprints when the programs are at idle
  • The faster your computer, the faster the processing times
  • Robust user manuals which not only provide a comprehensive look at all the settings, but also give an insight to maximizing the filters for best impressions
  • Physical manuals instead of just PDFs or Word documents
  • None observed
  • Provide a more solid "keepcase" for the entire collection
  • Look into creating a "companion" application which will switch between applications once a user has exited from an Alien Skin filter
Alien Skin's Eye Candy Effects Collection is the best collections of special effects for images I've used. Including Snap Art with the collection is a real treat, and as a set, you save a significant amount of cash. Once you buy a single Alien Skin application, you're hooked for life, so providing a collection like this is certainly appreciated.

Using the five different applications, I experienced no problems. Typical of an Alien Skin program, they performed as described and created some truly amazing results.


Only a few suggestions. One is the keepcase the five applications are housed in. Eventually, the nice cardboard slipcase is going to rip or tear. For a $400 collection, I would like to see Alien Skin come up with some special box for housing all five applications.

Another suggestion is how Alien Skin applications behave in general. While being able to move from one program to another within an Alien Skin application is certainly convenient and a welcome new feature, I think there is still room for improvement. Since Photoshop is itself a little quirky with menus and toggling from menu to menu, I would like to see Alien Skin create an actual menubar within Photoshop, showing each application installed or create a separate bar altogether if Adobe is unwilling to participate.

Another big positive I found was Alien Skin provides paper manuals of all their applications (at least all the applications I've reviewed). This is really helpful and appreciated. Electronic manuals are great for some situations, but there's still nothing like sitting back in your favorite computer chair or couch, and just reading a manual at your own leisure. Sitting in front of a computer reading a manual can often lead to eye fatigue and even tension headaches because you're concentrating too much. Alien Skin does a great job in providing not only hard copy manuals, but they are rather robust and full of information. These are not single-digit manuals. They are in-depth and give you the inner workings of the filter applications.

If you have used any of Alien Skin's and found them to be beneficial, this collection is a cost-effective way to get the most of what Alien Skin has to offer. You can make some beautiful impressions of your artwork and images which will captivate viewers and friends.

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