Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe

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Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe
Natural Alarm Clock Bedside Lamp
February 4, 2007
Rise & Shine Deluxe: Introduction Rise & Shine Deluxe: A Closer Look
Rise & Shine Deluxe: Specifications Rise & Shine Deluxe: Conclusion

Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe
8 Pre-programmed nature sounds: Birds, Harbor, Town, Brook, Surf, Forest, Rain, Wind
Other Features: Alarm Clock, AM/FM Radio, awake to increasing lamp intensity, radio, nature sounds in various combinations.
Weight: 3.96 lbs
Warranty: 3-year warranty
Official Website:
MSRP: $149.95
One of the more intriguing products which showed up at my doorstep was the Rise & Shine Deluxe bedside lamp, made by Verilux. Verilux is a company who specializes in phototherapy. While the term "phototherapy" will raise a few eyebrows from critics, I was one of those critics, and so I decided to take a closer look at the product and see if it would make a difference in three distinct areas: Going to sleep, sleep, and waking up. The process of going to sleep and waking up is often referred to as a Circadian Rhythm. This rhythm is "built-in" to our natural waking up and going to sleep cycle. The sun setting and the sun rising both give signals to our bodies it is time to either wake up or go to sleep.

What Is Phototherapy

Phototherapy is another term for a way to treat an abnormal sleeping cycle. It is a fairly recently derived term, and often implies curing ills and more. It is not the intent of this DigitalDingus review to imply any of these things, however, it is known certain forms of light are "easier" on the eyes than other types of light. These different types of light have different effects on the subconscious mind, which can lead to less time at the computer due to eye stress, mild depression, and more.

Full Spectrum lighting is part of phototherapy, and works by replacing the average lighting in a home with a different type of lighting which is more pleasant to the viewer. There are many varying characteristics of full spectrum lights from manufacturer to manufacturer, and there is currently no standard per se, so the consumer is in charge of determining what type of full spectrum light is best for them. In this review, DigitalDingus is using the Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe, and comments about full spectrum lighting should only be regarded to this product for accuracy.

As stated above, there many critics of full spectrum lighting and its promises, and I will admit, much of the criticism is not without warrant. However, as a person who deals with different types of lighting on a regular basis, I can say affirmatively, different lighting does evoke different types of behavior. One must be careful of amazing claims and to not put dependence on those claims as the single solution to the problem. At the same time, one must recognize behavioral changes with different types of lighting.

Full Spectrum & Much More

The Rise & Shine Deluxe is not just a full spectrum lamp, which separates it from other full spectrum lamps. The Rise & Shine features an alarm clock with a large LCD display with changing colors (very interesting and is a visual treat to observe in the dark when going to sleep), as well as eight different nature sounds. The Rise & Shine Deluxe offers several sensory cues for the user, experiencing much more than just full spectrum benefits.

Rise & Shine Deluxe Features

The Verilux Rise & Shine Deluxe has quite an amount of features, considering this is technically a lamp. Verilux describes the Rise & Shine being separated into four distinct functions which are: Sleep, Lamp, Sounds, and Radio. Let's take a look at what the Rise & Shine Deluxe offers:

  • Full Spectrum Lighting
  • Dimmer Memory
  • Nature Sounds
  • Alarm Clock
    Alarm Time
    Alarm Options (Sounds and/or Light)
    Wake Time Cycle
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Alarm Modes
    Light Off / Sound On
    Light On / Sound On
    Light On / Sound Off
    Light Off / Sound Off
  • Color Mode Function
    Seven Color Fade
    Single Color
    Display Dim
  • Sleep Time Cycle
    5 mins
As you can see, the Rise & Shine Deluxe is a rather intelligent lamp which offers many features. Now, let's take a closer look at the lamp itself...

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