PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI

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Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI
(by PC Power & Cooling, Inc.)
April 29, 2006
Introduction TC1KW4E Closer Look The Certified Test Report Specifications Conclusion

  • Quad-SLi Ready
  • Very quiet PSU for its size and power rating
  • Plenty of cables for connecting components
  • Large capacitors for cleaner more stable power currents
  • Rubber-sleaved protection on virtually all connections
  • Heatsinks covering almost the entire top of the PSU
  • Intelligently made for minimal dust and particle accumulation
  • Four separate rails
  • Total of 14 drive connectors (6 SATA / 8 Standard Molex)
  • 1000W with 1100W Peak Rating!
  • Custom cables can be requested for your particular system configuration
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Price!
  • TC1KW4E is rather HEAVY
  • Minimum 20" ATX case length/depth recommended
The Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI is, quite honestly, a masterpiece. I've been around, played with, modified, and even created electronics ever since I was a kid, and I know when a product has been put together with knowledge and a conscience. Yes, I said conscience. Why? Because you have to be mentally present to create a product such as the Turbo-Cool 1KW-Quad SLI.

Expanding on the Pros above, I was completely impressed with the way all connections were covered and sealed with a rubber cover to prevent any chance of current contamination or possible circuit shorting. Heatsinks cover almost the entire top of the TC1KW4E. Very nice.

After hooking up the TC1KW4E to my current computer system for a preliminary test drive, it ran extremely quiet and amazingly cool. It really felt nice to know the PSU was nowhere in the realms of working hard and was barely flexing its wattage and amperage muscles.


This is the first DigitalDingus HR+ rating and I do not give these out to any company which comes along and allows me to review their products. I don't give these out frequently, and you basically have to pull a few of my front teeth to get such a rating. An HR+ rating means the company goes above and beyond what any other company does currently, and their customer service reflects this as well. The first time I chatted with a PCP&C CSR, I was immediately taken care of and asked if I needed help on determining PSU cable configurations.

The second time I called PCP&C, I had a nice chat with the President of the company and his demeanor and attitude reflects impressively well not only on his CSR staff, but of the entire company altogether. PC Power & Cooling is one of the rare companies you find these days which enjoy what they do. They want to take care of your particular power supply issue--not just broadly swipe it with a brush--and want to help you determine just which PSU would be right for you. I was also asked on several occasions about having custom cables made for me. This is just amazing, because in today's world of OEM boxed clones of dealing with what you get and biting your knuckles when you don't, PC Power & Cooling go out of their way to specifically create specific cables for you which will enable your PSU to have zero compatibility issues.

Personally, I wish PC Power & Cooling would make a much larger selection of custom cables and just sell them on their website. What we see currently coming from some other countries is embarrassing. But of course, these guys are not in the cable business per se, they are in the PSU business!

The price of the TC1KW4E might raise your eyebrows a little--ok they might singe them initially--but we need to remember buying $50 PSUs over the last several years has changed dramatically. Our motherboards, processors, and graphics cards are becoming more advanced, and they require more power.

What's been going on in the PSU manufacturing world, is PSUs are still being pumped out by the hundreds of thousands, with little regards to current power needs. Add the factor of misleading specifications and it becomes rather apparent why your 700W PSU is only $150 with a $30 rebate. Quite frankly, if you need a PSU with such a high wattage, you're fooling yourself to get by so inexpensively. The PSU is the heart of your computer system, you just paid $500 for a video card, and a few hundred for your processor or more, and probably a few hundred for your motherboard. It just makes sense to invest in a PC Power & Cooling product such as the 1KW series.

PC Power & Cooling is also a company which can satisfy your not-so-powerful computer system. In fact, I unconditionally recommend the 510 XE Server / Workstation or the 510 ASL Graphics Workstation. Both of these PSUs are around $200 which can effectively and efficiently power some mid-level systems. You're not obligated to automatically go out and buy the most expensive PSU PCP&C has to offer, but in case you do need a lot of power to run your unusually demanding system, it's nice to know PC Power & Cooling is right there beside you with a thumbs up.

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