1500VA UPS Battery Backup by Belkin

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Belkin 1500VA UPS Battery Backup
by Belkin
September 8, 2007
Belkin 1500VA UPS: Introduction
Belkin 1500VA UPS: What's In The Box Belkin 1500VA UPS: A Closer Look
Using The Belkin 1500VA UPS Belkin 1500VA UPS: Specifications
Belkin 1500VA UPS: Conclusion

1500VA UPS Battery Backup
by Belkin
Features: A dual-form factor UPS, which features Automatic Voltage Regulation, 8 battery protected outlets, SNMP, USB and serial options. 3-year warranty. Fanless operation.
Official Website: http://www.belkin.com
MSRP: $199.99
Current Price: Click for best price
  • Dual form factor design
  • 8 AC outlets
  • Phone protection
  • Computer network protection
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Quiet operation
  • Slim design
  • Heavy-gauge AC power cord
  • Bulldog Plus power management software allows for networked monitoring of more than one computer
  • SNMP card slot for remote shutdown of anything attached to the UPS
  • Tower base pieces keep the UPS in a firm upright position and are adjustable
  • Bulldog Plus software is lacking somewhat on the "wow" aspect, but is very functional and provides a lot of information on the activities of the UPS
  • None observed
  • Belkin's website is not too helpful in finding replacement batteries for this particular model
  • GUI of Bulldog Software needs to be improved
  • Improve the Belkin Support section of the website to include a conspicuous area for replacement batteries as well as on the main product pages of all UPS products
The Belkin 1500VA UPS is an affordable solution to protecting your computer equipment and peripherals. Once you plug in the F6C1500-TW-RK into the AC outlet, you'll never notice it's there--even when the power goes out. It was only a little over a month ago, where the 1500VA UPS kicked into power reserve when a power outage happened in my area because of a thunderstorm. All applications I had open were unaffected and my two computers which were attached, were powered down without incident. This is exactly why I purchased the F6C1500-TW-RK.

I did observe Belkin's support for this particular model on their website could be improved. As of the date of this review, I cannot find a specific part number for purchasing a replacement battery for this UPS. Of course it's unlikely I would need one at this point because it still should be good for several more years, but it would be nice to know Belkin has these in stock and is ready for any potential problems which could develop.


The graphical user interface of Belkin's Bulldog Software is quite dated, and needs upgraded. I did notice for newer UPS revisions, there is a Java-based power management software upgrade, but I'm a little disappointed this couldn't be used with my "Firmware Version 1" UPS. After all, I only purchased this UPS less than a year ago. There is also no apparent way to upgrade the F6C1500-TW-RK via firmware download. Overall, the software does function, and will work regardless of the more pleasing upgraded power management software for Firmware Version 2 models.

Regardless of the software issues, I still found the hardware mechanics of the F6C1500-TW-RK to perform very well, and that is what matters most. The Belkin UPS products are a little less expensive than its competitors such as APC, and I haven't noticed any sacrifices. Recently, APC's products have improved to match the lifestyles and desktop organization of modern computer users, which is certainly a good thing, however Belkin has more than likely encouraged such improvement by offering cutting edge designs ahead of its competitors.

I've noticed prices on the F6C1500-TW-RK vary greatly, and during the holiday season, is one of the better times to buy. We're approaching the holiday season as this review is being published, so putting this on your list is a wise option. The MSRP is $199.99 and the average price is around $160 not including shipping, but if you're an observant shopper, they can be found for around $130, shipped to your door. Since the F6C1500-TW-RK is a heavy product, shipping can really make or break a deal so when an online merchant offers free shipping on these, the savings can be almost $20 or more just for the shipping.

If you're considering purchasing a UPS for your computer system, please do not delay too long. The UPS is often an overlooked addition to a computer system and it is also a product which will go unnoticed for several months until a power outage occurs. And this is where you can rest at ease because you know you have the protection.

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