Nikon D2xs

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Nikon Announces D2xs

June 1, 2006
D2xs Announcement • D2xs Features • D2xs Specifications


  • MSRP: $4699.95 (USD) / £3499.99 / €5226.00
  • Availability: July 2006
Nikon D2xs Major features

Image sensor with 12.4 effective megapixels

The CMOS image sensor provides both high image quality and high-speed performance. Despite the extremely high resolution achieved by 12.4 effective megapixels, image data is recorded at exceptionally high-speed through the use of a 4-channel output method.

Image-processing algorithm designed to produce high-quality images

The D2xs provides Nikon photographers with the opportunity to produce significantly larger image files demanded by the industry today. At Nikon, high image quality is much more than a matter of megapixels - a number of other high-level technologies are required to achieve outstanding performance which are provided by the D2xs.

Continuous shooting at 5fps at 12.4 megapixels, 8 fps at 6.8 megapixels

Despite high-resolution, 12.4-megapixel performance, speed is not an issue with the D2xs. In fact the D2xs enables up to 5 frames per second shooting at 12.4-megapixel resolution, and an astounding 8 frames per second at 6.8 megapixels.

High-Speed Crop function

Continuous shooting at a rapid 8 frames per second is possible during use of the High-Speed Crop function which records the central portion of the frame at 6.8 megapixel resolution. The viewfinder has also been enhanced during High-speed Crop mode for simpler, more accurate composition.

Broad colour modes

The Adobe RGB profile provides a broader range of colours than the sRGB profile, making it a more suitable choice for professional photographers. The D2xs has also been optimized for post-processing of images with the ability to select Adobe RGB from either Mode I or Mode III in camera. An additional new Black & White colour mode further expands the photographer’s creative possibilities.

11-area AF system with 9 cross-type AF sensors

Updated to perform even faster and with greater precision in the D2xs, the 11-area AF system employs Nikon's advanced Multi-CAM 2000 AF Sensor Module. Of these 11 widely spread AF sensors, 9 are cross-type sensors positioned in the logical rule-of-thirds array. All 9 cross-type sensors remain active when using High-speed Crop mode.

Advanced 3D-Colour Matrix Metering II

Nikon’s acclaimed 1,005-pixel RGB Exposure/Colour Matrix Metering Sensor achieves optimum exposure for every shot.

Creative in-camera trimming, Image Overlay and Multiple Exposure

The new in-camera trimming allows RAW, TIFF and JPEG images taken using the D2xs to be trimmed within the camera. Images of reduced display sizes can be viewed, ranging from 640 x 480 to 2560 x 1920 pixels. The Multiple Exposure function creates a single image from up to 10 exposures. The D2xs also offers an Image Overlay function that merges selected RAW (NEF) files, stored on the CF card, to create a new image file within the camera.

2.5-inch LCD monitor with a wide-viewing angle; large enough to display various settings and information for easy recognition

The D2xs incorporates a large 2.5-inch 230,000-dot high-resolution LCD monitor display with an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle for clearer viewing. It also offers larger type fonts and colour-coded menus. Further evolution of the Recent Settings menus allows the user to delete or lock current settings to prevent accidental changes. The D2xs also offers RGB Histogram display enabling images to be easily assessed in the large LCD monitor. Furthermore, it is also possible to display channel-specific ([R] red, [G] green or [B] blue) histograms for immediate and more detailed image verification.

Excellent response with the same quick power up and 37ms release time lag as the D2x

Instant startup and a class-leading shutter release time lag of just 37 milliseconds ensures a response that can handle even the most challenging professional assignments.

A body designed to heighten ease of operation, water droplet and dust resistance, and overall durability

The size, layout and operation of the buttons, controls and functions have all been assigned for optimal operation and feedback – minimizing the need to remove the eye from the viewfinder. Combined with a lightweight, yet highly durable magnesium alloy body, the D2xs ensures reliable performance under tough professional working conditions.

The D2xs supports full integration into Nikon’s Creative Lighting System

When used in combination with SB-800, SB-600 or R1C1 Speedlights, the D2xs supports the Nikon’s Creative Lighting System with high-precision flash photography using i-TTL flash control, unlimited creativity through Advanced Wireless Lighting, and functions such as FV Lock and Auto FP High-Speed Sync. With Speedlights such as the SB-80DX and SB-50DX mounted, the D2xs also supports D-TTL flash control.

Compatible with an extensive selection of Nikkor lenses

In addition to the expanding line of DX Nikkor lenses designed specifically for Nikon digital SLR cameras, many of the conventional AF Nikkor film-camera lenses can also be mounted on the D2xs.

Fast read/write speed for the memory card and a USB 2.0 interface for fast image transfer

The D2xs has fast read/write times and uses the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface fast image transfer from the camera.

GPS support for the recording of location information with shooting data

The optional GPS Adapter Cord MC-35, permits location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and heading (direction) to be transferred from a GPS device and recorded with the shooting data for each image.

Wireless support with the Wireless Transmitter WT-2/2A for direct image transfer to the D2xs via wireless LAN

The D2xs supports the new high-speed, IEEE802.11b/g compatible Wireless Transmitter WT-2/2A with enhanced image transfer protocols and increased security. The WT-2/2A additionally supports the new PTP/IP protocol. And when used with Camera Control Pro software, wireless camera control from a computer is also possible.

Increased digital image enjoyment with Nikon’s PictureProject software, designed for use with the D2xs

PictureProject is an intuitive software application offering versatile functions for image transfer, image organisation, simple image editing (NEF plug-in included), and print layout.

Support for Capture NX: An application with an array of tools to assist the photographer

Capture NX offers exciting potential for Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) files, as well as JPEG and TIFF images. Refined through revolutionary U-Point technology, the selection of objects, colours or areas have been simplified. Highly accurate alterations can be made to myriad image elements while preserving the integrity of the original image data.

Image Authentication to protect the integrity of valuable data

Nikon’s new Image Authentication function offers image authentication for digital image files. Indication whether the actual image has been tampered with is provided as well as if any changes have been made to date and GPS information.

Specifications and equipment are subject to change without any notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

June 2006
©2006 Nikon Corporation

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