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Samsung 830 Series
November 24, 2012
Samsung 830 Series 64GB SSD Performance
Features & Specifications Conclusion


Features: A 64 GB Solid State Drive, rated at 6Gb/s (SATA III), SATA II backwards compatible, and includes a Desktop/PC Installation Kit for installing in 3.5" areas.
Manufacturer: Samsung
Form Factor: 2.5"
Connection Type: SATA III/II
Controller: 3-Core MCX
UPC: 036725604711
MSRP: $129.99
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
  • It's fast!
  • Great for graphics-demanding software such as Adobe Photoshop CS6+
  • Extremely small form factor
  • Very low power consumption (~.1 Watts)
  • Weighs only a little over 2 ounces.
  • Super-quiet
  • Installation was easy and instantly recognized by my older motherboard
  • No drivers needed to be installed
  • 3-Year Warranty
Cons / Disadvantages
  • The 64GB model is restricted to a write speed of only 160MB/s while the 128GB model has 320MB/s
Noteworthy Observations
  • After installation, you will instantly see improvements across almost all aspects of your computer system



Once the Samsung 64GB SSD was installed, I instantly observed increased speeds of all my programs, especially Windows 7 Ultimate and Photoshop CS6. While I'm not a gaming fan per se, I can only imagine how much better PC games interact with the user, especially in RPG and FPS gaming.

The Samsung 830 Series 64GB SSD is a very affordable storage component that can increase just about everything related to your computer system. The typical necessity to purchase a newer CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard toward the iconic Performance Upgrade category, are not necessary. Various program initializations, applications, and simple routines such as web browsing can be quite noticeably improved with a simple upgrade to an SSD.

So, why is the simple addition of an SSD to your computer such a big deal? As mentioned earlier in this review, a rather irritating issue with storage drives has been not keeping up with the data paths offered (SATA II, SATA III, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and the many versions of Firewire) on a motherboard. You could buy the fastest RAM available for your motherboard, and buy the fastest processor on the planet...but it won't mean anything unless your storage components are up to speed (literally) with the rest of your computer system. With SSD, we finally have reached a balance.

Finally, Samsung is in the business of memory. They've been doing it for quite some time now, and one of the reasons why I chose Samsung over the other memory guys, was that Samsung, in my opinion, has better quality control and they make their own SSDs. I'd have no problems buying RAM for my computer from other manufacturers, but the bottom line here, is we have a product which demands much tighter quality controls, and will not function properly if there are not. A few pieces of RAM on my motherboard that didn't necessarily make the grade will still work with my computer just fine, because there are much larger parameters of allowable errors which don't necessarily conflict with the hardware (but we eventually find out via software errors).

Review Tracker

Below are comments entered by DigitalDingus on a weekly basis, to track the performance of this product. SSD is a rather new technology, so we'll track the performance for a while and post results, either good or bad.

WEEK 1 (November 19-26): Windows 7 Ultimate installed. Programs installed. No problems observed.

WEEK 2 (November 27 to December 4): No problems observed.

WEEK 3 (December 5 to December 12): No problems observed.

WEEK 4 (December 13 to December 20): No problems observed.

WEEK 5 (December 21 to December 28): No problems observed.

WEEK 6 (December 29 to January 5): No problems observed.

WEEK 7 (January 6 to January 13): No problems observed.

WEEK 8 (January 14 to January 21): No problems observed.

WEEK 9 (January 22 to January 29): No problems observed.

WEEK 10 (January 30 to February 6): No problems observed.

WEEK 11 (February 7 to February 14): No problems observed.

WEEK 12 (February 15 to February 22): No problems observed.

WEEK 13 (February 23 to March 2): No problems observed.

WEEK 14 (March 3 to March 10): No problems observed.

WEEK 15 (March 11 to March 18): No problems observed. AMD Catalyst driver issues. Not-SSD related

WEEK 16 (March 19 to March 26): No problems observed.

MONTH 5 (April): No problems observed.

MONTH 6 (May): No problems observed.

MONTH 7 (June): No problems observed.

MONTH 8 (July): No problems observed.

MONTH 9 (August): No problems observed.

MONTH 10 (September): No problems observed.

October 13, 2013;

I am coming up on almost 1 year since I installed the Samsung MZ-7PC064D/AM, and I have had absolutely no issues with this drive. Typical AMD Catalyst issues crashed my OS (do we REALLY need 200MB for a driver?), so I had to do a reinstallation, but the drive has kept on working and I can't wait to install more drives in the near future.

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