Maha MH-C808M Eight-Cell AA/AAA/C/D Battery Charger

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Maha MH-C808M
8-Cell AAA/AA/C/D Charger
January 21, 2006
Introduction A Closer Look Worldwide Adapter Specifications Conclusion

Maha delivered a surprisingly new product announcement in December 2005. The Maha MH-C808M, a comprehensive charger, offered consumers not only a AA and AAA battery charger, but also added C and D batteries, as well as a backlit LCD display. The MH-C808M is built on the same design as the MH-801D, including the same kind of high-quality worldwide AC adapter.

A Professional High-Quality Charger Gets Even Better

Maha has once again created a high-quality product for professionals and those who need a large-capacity charger. Several charging options are available: Rapid Charge, Soft Charge, and Condition. The heavy duty international AC power adapter requires no transformer because Maha has made an adapter which can accept foreign electronic currents and voltages. All you have to do is obtain the proper plug (which Maha does supply on their website) and are available at places such as Thomas Distributing. The design of the MH-C808M (like it's littler brother the MH-C801D) is a durable, made-to-last construction, from the charging unit to the supplied rugged international AC adapter.

Multi-Status LCD Display: Now With Backlighting!

Maha MH-C808M Backlit LCD DisplayIn the previous version of the 800 series, Maha offered an LCD display, which was a great benefit due to so many batteries being charged--but lacked a backlit display. Now, the MH-C808M adds a backlight to the LCD, so you can view your charger's status in dark and dimly-lit places.

Microprocessor Controlled

Just like the previous model, Maha's special microprocessor can detect voltage differences within 0.001V. This assures your new batteries and really old batteries, will each receive the amount of charge they need. All of this happens independently in each charging cell.

Deep Conditioner & ISPD

Maha's own ISPD (Integrated Safety Protection Device) prevents short circuiting of batteries, as well as refusing to charge alkaline batteries and battery polarity reversal (i.e., you put the batteries in wrong). Additionally, the MH-808M has one of the deepest conditioning cycles available, restoring batteries to their best operating performance. Yes, it does take about 14 hours for a full Soft + Conditioning cycle (for C and D batteries it can take up to 60 hours for a Soft + Condition cycle) but conditioning is a great way to restore life back into those batteries you were about to throw away.


Just like the 801D, the MH-C808M charger's circuit board is made from FR-4, with a UL 94V0 rating. This is a high-grade fire-retardent material which is also moisture resistant. Charging your batteries in the winter, when condensation is at its highest, can lead to potential issues, and it's nice to know the MH-C808M has this grade of material to prevent condensation from accumulating on the charger's sensitive areas. And even if you're in a geographic area which doesn't have a "winter" per se but high humidity, the MH-C808M's charger is also resistant to accumulated moisture. This makes the 808M a travel companion.

MH-C808M Advisory Note

Maha states in the MH-C808M manual sheet the largest capacity battery needs to be placed in the left-most side of a charger slot, followed by the next lowest capacity battery, and so on. Also, there should be no empty slots in between batteries in the charger. The reason for this advisory is because of the nature of larger capacity batteries and smaller capacity batteries being attached to the same electrical connection. If a smaller battery is placed first in line, then followed by a larger capacity battery, the larger capacity battery has the potential to draw more power from the smaller capacity battery, resulting in a false reading.

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