Maha MH-C800S Eight-Cell AA/AAA Battery Charger

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Maha MH-C800S
8-Cell AA/AAA Battery Charger
November 19, 2006

Maha MH-C800S
Charge Time: 1-2hrs (Normal Mode) / 3-4hrs (Soft Mode)
Fast Charge Current: 1000mA (AA), 700mA (AAA)
Soft Charge Current: 500mA (AA), 350mA (AAA)
Battery Acceptance: AA or AAA
Dimensions: 7.5" (W) x 1.75" (H) x 3.25" (D)
Weight: 225g (~8oz) (excluding AC adapter)
Warranty: Three-Year Limited Warranty
MSRP: $64.95 | Click For Best Price
Maha announced the MH-C800S only a short time ago. The Maha MH-C800S is regarded by Maha to be the more "affordable" AA battery charger of the 800 series. What DigitalDingus has verified to be the case, is the MH-C800S will save you around 20% or more, while still providing a capable 8-cell charger. There are a few differences, and this will be discussed shortly. In the meantime, it is nice to see Maha providing a more affordable alternative for those who don't quite want to fork out top dollar for a charger. Personally, I wouldn't think twice about it as I think Maha chargers give you great value for your money already. In addition, it's not like you'll be purchasing another replacement charger anytime soon, so spending around $65 on the street for the 801D is not so bad. However, I do understand the Penny Pincher, as I do it myself when purchasing other products, so it's just a matter of priority. Maha gives you the chance to purchase a very capable charger like the 801D for about $50 on the street, which is certainly a good bargain.

Differences Between The MH-C800S And The MH-C801D?

Well, basically it comes down to these two:

  • Double the battery charge times
  • Different AC adapter
The AC adapter included with the MH-C800S is much smaller, but this is somewhat misleading. Since the charger does not require as much current to pass through it for quicker charging, the adapter does not need to be as heavy-duty as the MH-C801D adapter. A smaller AC adapter might be of consideration for those who travel with their equipment and who also travel with a very small equipment bag.

Maha MH-C800S AC Adapter vs. MH-C801D AC Adapter

Charging times are roughly twice the amount of the 801D but if you're not concerned with absolute fast charging or just don't need it, then the MH-C800S will fit your lifestyle quite nicely.


  • An affordable but still sophisticated and powerful multi-slot charger
  • More portable due to the smaller AC adapter
  • Retains most of the MH-C801D's features
  • Still has the coveted microprocessor found in higher-end models for reliable charging and discharging
  • Charging unit is the same size as the 801D
  • MH-C800S costs about 20% less than the MH-C801D
  • None observed
  • About twice the charging time
  • Still remains cool when charging
If you were hesitant on purchasing the MH-C801D because of the higher cost, you won't have any reason to pass up the MH-C800S. The MH-C800S has virtually all the same features, same styling, with just more charging time required for the batteries. The AC adapter is much smaller, allowing for even better portability.


After charging a few batteries on the MH-C800S, it can take as much as two hours, but I noticed the unit remained cool to the touch, which was my main concern. The unit shipped to me has a slightly lighter gray color than the MH-C801D model. As to the smaller AC adapter, I found it easier to haul around and since the larger and thicker cord of the 801D can "pull" on the charging unit itself when on the edge of a counter for example, I found no such issue with the MH-C800S.

Definitely put the MH-C800S on your list of affordable chargers. Maha has done a great job of offering their top of the line product in an affordable package.

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