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Logitech Harmony 880 Remote
(Advanced Universal Remote)
September 1, 2005
Introduction What's New (Part 1) What's New (Part 2) 880 In The Dark
The Back Of The 880 Specifications Comparison Conclusion

Harmony 880
by Logitech
Features: The first Logitech-designed remote, with 64K color LCD screen, 53 buttons, 8 on-screen Activity buttons, powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery.
Official Website: http://www.logitech.com
MSRP: $249.00
Current Price: Check Price / Buy from Amazon
  • Software installation from Logitech remains very simple and user friendly
  • Motion-activated illumination
  • Color LCD Display
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery power
  • Activities AND Devices can be viewed on the LCD display (before it was only the devices)
  • One of the best bilateral symmetric designs I've seen in a remote
  • Convenient "Base Station" for all members of the family to know where it should go when not in use
  • Base Station has a nice and bright neon-blue glow, so you can see it in the dark.
  • Simple layout, providing a fast location of buttons for device use
  • Convenient time display (actually includes DAY, as well as HH:MM)
  • Battery charge status indicators (3-segment)
  • Buttons are plastic, but are designed properly and EASIER to clean
  • Your favorite images can be uploaded as a background on the remote
  • Slide Show feature, enabling a sequential view of your 8 most favorite images
  • Remote transmitter is still very powerful and covers a wide angle at an impressive range (more than 25ft)
  • Help Button still actually does what is says and guides the user to troubleshoot simple issues
  • Only one Activities button, which leads to more activities via the On-Screen buttons
  • Directional Pad ("D-Pad") is more solid and navigates better via "feel"
  • Online storage of all your special functions and Activities
  • Built-in flash memory (if your batteries die, no problem)
  • Larger IR Remote Learning window (was a tad difficult on the 676 I reviewed)
  • VERY SIMPLE transfer of previous Harmony 676 settings to the 880
  • Improved transmission commands (see below for elaboration)
  • The original overall Harmony remote shape has been retained
  • Option to reduce brightness of LCD display (for viewing during movies in the dark or in the daytime)
  • Option to turn Slide Show off
  • Option to have Large Fonts w/no Icons
  • Option for multiple background images / rotation of background images?
  • Slightly larger LCD display (maybe featured on a Harmony 9xx series?)
  • Enable more than 16 Favorite Channels with custom images?
  • Maybe increase the on-board memory to 4-6MB?
  • The Harmony 880 might seem "slippery" at first, when compared to other Harmony remotes. However, after about a week, this "slippery" feel will begin to go away. It's more than likely due to the very nice finish on the remote's surface which was buffed to a very slick surface. Over time, your hands wear-in the remote's grip, customizing the feel to your own liking.
  • Logitech says you cannot turn the Slide Show off (when the remote is on the charging base station), however, I discovered if you press the Glow button, it will revert to your uploaded background image, then fade to black. Actually, this is a nice feature if you don't want have the bright display going during the night. It's also an alternative to uploading black images I discussed earlier.
  • The Li-Ion battery cover of the remote could become a real bugger to remove for battery installation. Here's a tip. Be sure to press with your thumb, on the grooved area where the battery cover is. By pressing down with your thumb, the cover slides easily out of its position (I go into detail in the review in case you've skipped to this page).
  • None observed
As you can see from the above PROS, I was very pleased with the Harmony 880. In fact, there have been so many upgraded and updated features of this remote, I don't think I'll be using my other Harmony remote again. The 880 is the flagship of Logitech's remote offering, and it deserves its rightful place at the top.

DigitalDingus did have a few suggestions. They aren't necessarily "CONS", because I don't believe they overwhelming inhibit or intrude on the usage of the remote. I also added an "Observations" comment, just to inform previous Harmony users, and new users as well. I really would like to see a larger color LCD display on future models of the 880 line or another model altogether. Call me picky, but I like having a lot of room to input my device names and settings as I want them to be displayed.

Another suggestion I have is being able to store more than just 16 favorite channels with custom images/icons. With today's satellite and cable channels, I can think of 16 channels which are just my favorite news and documentary stations. This doesn't even include my favorite movie channels, sports channels, cartoon channels, etc. I would suggest around 40 favorite channels, or at least double the current favorite channels. Since this is being marketed as a "family friendly" remote, we probably should see a few more favorites than just 16 channels because each family member will have their own favorites.

One of the many improvements I noticed, and would like to elaborate on, was the transmission delays of the commands. Owning a Philips DVP642, you have to press the stop button and hold it in order to eject the DVD. With the 676, there was a slight delay and it took a few times to eject the DVD. However, with the Harmony 880 it performed like I had the original Philips remote in my hands. Kudos to Logitech.

I'd like to mention the styling of the remote. When you first glance at the Harmony 880, you only see the bottom 1/3 of it, displaying the basic numeric and play buttons. The rest are integrated into the design. You soon realize there are several more buttons along the chrome-brushed strip complementing the entire upper 2/3 of the remote. Very nicely done, and takes away any kind of "cluttered" look.

After several rounds of picking the remote up and putting it down, getting excited when it automatically lit up in the dark, I give the Harmony 880, a


And finally, if you're looking for a simple remote with advanced and custom features at a price you can afford, I highly recommend the 880. If you have a family, this remote will be an even more valuable tool in operating your home theater system. No more difficult explaining. If they want to start the movie while you're in the kitchen getting a sandwich, your family presses the "Watch DVD" icon, and it's all taken care of. Logitech has created a remote that will grow with you over time, and with the added benefits of a Li-Ion recharging base, say goodbye to batteries. The Harmony 880 is a welcomed addition to the Harmony remote line. If you are a previous Harmony owner, either give your current remote to your son or daughter to use in their own rooms with televisions, because I guarantee, once you spot the 880 at your favorite electronics store, you will be a Harmony 880 fan.

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