Blade Runner (Ultimate Collector's Edition HD DVD)

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Blade Runner
Ultimate Collector's Edition
November 6, 2008
Blade Runner — UCE: Introduction / The Movie Blade Runner — UCE: A Closer Look
Blade Runner — UCE: Screencaps Blade Runner — UCE: Features & Specifications
Blade Runner — UCE: Conclusion

Blade Runner
Ultimate Collector's Edition
Features: HD DVD 5-Disc Ultimate Collection, containing all five Blade Runner versions, including the rarely seen Workprint version.
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Movie Release: June 25, 1982
This Release: December 18, 2007
MPAA Rating: R
Final Cut Running Time: 1 hr 57 mins
Archived Versions Running Time: 1 hr 57 mins
Workprint Running Time: 1 hr 50 mins
Official Website:
MSRP: $99.99
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
Blade Runner is just one of those movies which should be a part of any movie enthusiast's collection. When it became available on HD DVD (and Blu-ray) I was rather excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on the most definitive collection ever assembled for the home theater. Blade Runner — Ultimate Collector's Edition, is the way those special movies should be treated. For those who wonder why this set is the Ultimate Collector's Edition versus the 5-Disc Complete Collector's Edition, the difference is the addition of the Voigt-Kampf Deckard Briefcase where the 5-Disc Complete Collector's Edition is stored, along with the several additional iconic items from the movie as Gaffe's Unicorn, Spinner vehicle toy, art folio, a lenticular image from the film, and a signed letter by Ridley Scott.

Blade Runner gained more popularity after it was shown in theaters. Year after year, more interest was stimulated, and ten years later, the 1992 Director's Cut was released. While initially received as the "version to watch", it was far from being what Ridley Scott intended. Viewing the many hours of extras in this collection, Ridley Scott says as much, and comments the 1992 Director's Cut was far from the vision Scott had intended to convey to his fans, due to a need to rush this version to theaters to satisfy the rising demands of Blade Runner's popularity. Ahhhh yes, the unbroken truths of cinema. Ridley Scott was also not directly involved with the 1992 Director's Cut.

Before the 1992 Director's Cut was released, Blade Runner fans had a chance to view the International Theatrical Version, which left a little more blood emphasis on certain events, but interestingly enough wasn't on the 1992 Director's Cut. Sound confusing? Yeah, it kinda is. Suffice it to say, this Blade Runner collection has all the versions in one package. I thought about providing a comparison of Blade Runner's different versions, but these are readily available on the net, and more importantly, readily available in the 5-Disc Complete Collector's Edition if you just watch them yourself and the massively informative extras.

Maybe I'm just stuck in the 80's due to my age, but it seems the 80's was a decade in experimentation of film which realized special effects to convey images never possible. Although special effects at the time were relatively in their infantile stage, watching a film made today and comparing it films such as Blade Runner, I can't help but be amazed by the assortment of directors who had talents which broke out beyond their current point in history. Some directors really had a vision, and Ridley Scott was one of them.

If you haven't seen Blade Runner before, well, shame on you. I won't go into great detail explaining the plot, but what we have is Los Angeles in the year 2019. Considering what downtown L.A. looks like now, I don't observe much of a difference, save for the Spinners flying around.

I have to break here and say if you watch the introduction of the film on HD DVD or Blu-ray on a large HDTV, your jaw is going to drop into your soda glass. It's probably one of the most beautifully rendered scenes ever, and with the Vangelis score in wonderful digital audio glory and in High-Definition, this my movie enthusiast friend, is heaven.

Ok, back to the film.

We have a situation in L.A., where Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is reluctantly recruited to find some rogue Replicants which have returned to earth in search of finding a way to extend their lives. In the process, the replicants have left a bloody trail of human victims. Deckard is experienced in this sort of bounty hunting, and he's the only one who has a chance of finding the latest Nexus 6 models which are as close to being human as possible.

As we observe Blade Runner unfold, we are presented with a number of moral imperatives, philosophical inquiries, technological advances, and the human condition. First-time viewers might think this is just a Sci-Fi film, but it's much more. Blade Runner is rich in content.

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