Enermax Aurora Keyboard

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Enermax Aurora
September 1, 2006
Aurora Introduction Aurora Closer Look Aurora Specifications Aurora Conclusion

  • The faceplace is a solid and thick piece of aluminum
  • Two USB ports
  • Stereo OUTPUT jack and MIC jack for taking over your motherboard's audio functions
  • Really cool neon blue status LEDs
  • Typing with the Aurora will actually improve your speed and accuracy
  • Keys have just enough return for accuracy
  • Keystroke travel are reduced by about 2/3 due to the scissor keys being more than half the size of regular keys
  • Amazing 10,000,000 keystroke life
  • Ultra-thin keyboard provides enough room underneath those desktops which do not have a lot of clearance
  • Hairline brushed design gives a great impression which is backed-up by the weight of the keyboard
  • Rubber supports keep the Aurora in place
  • Classic 104 layout--no extra buttons or keys
  • Very sturdy
  • None observed
  • USB1.1 ports on the keyboard
  • Very thin audio cables
  • USB2.0 ports
  • An "All-Aluminum" keyboard, including the bottom part as well
  • More rugged cords for the audio plugs (heavier gauge wire)
  • Aluminum keys...yes, I'm dreaming
I was really impressed with Enermax's Aurora keyboard. Because I've used scissor key keyboards before, it didn't take much time to get used to. The short key travel is going to be different at first for those who are converting from a standard keyboard. However, in a few days, you'll see yourself typing faster and longer, with less finger and hand fatigue.

One observation which almost was a con, was the lack of USB2.0 ports. Anything made within the last year should have USB2.0 ports. Period. No excuse, and if you're a manufacturer and you have a valid excuse, please contact me. I'll certainly post the reason. Another observation was the very thin audio cables. Most people won't be plugging and unplugging the audio cables that much because of the way the Aurora is designed. However, it would have been nice to have them twice the current gauge wire.

Now, let's get on to the more exciting stuff. The blue neon lights on the upper-right of the keyboard, informing you of what is plugged in, is really cool. And at night, it's quite easy to plug something into the USB ports because of the lighting.

The audio inputs on the keyboard are also very convenient and I'm using them from now on. Personally, I don't like reaching back behind my computer and feeling for holes to plug in my headphones. It's awkward and somewhat cautious because I could accidentally unplug or plug it into something, causing future computer problems.

The layout of the Aurora is your basic 104, and I welcome the layout. I've personally purchased keyboards which have so many buttons and extra keys on them, it looked like an Airforce jet control panel. It would be one thing if I actually used the extra buttons and keys...but I don't. And I suspect if you have a keyboard with similar "additions", you're nodding your head in agreement with me.


Even with a few negative observations, I have to give the Aurora an HR+ rating. Why? Because it's that good. It is much more rugged than most keyboards I've used. Enermax broke away from the standard $10 keyboard and decided to make something for the keyboard connoisseur. Enermax understands there is a large segment of computer enthusiasts who will pay a few extra bucks if the product is worth it. Many manufacturers simply don't waste the time and would rather you buy from them year after year.

Spending around $70 on a keyboard is not something everyone does. But this keyboard is not for everyone. If you want a high-quality keyboard with just the basic keys and a few bonuses like USB1.1 ports and audio jacks, and want something to last longer than that $10 mouse and keyboard combo you bought on eBay from an unknown supplier, I highly recommend the Enermax Aurora.

About Enermax

For USA enquiries about Enermax products, please visit www.coolergiant.com.

For inquiries outside the US, please visit www.enermax.com.

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