Jeepers Creepers - Single-Side Edition

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Jeepers Creepers
"Single-Side" Edition
October 21, 2007
Jeepers Creepers: Introduction / The Movie
Jeepers Creepers: Features & Specifications Jeepers Creepers: Conclusion

Jeepers Creepers
"Single Side" Edition
Features: Dolby Digital 5.1. Stripped-down MGM edition. Contains only the Victor Salva audio commentary as a feature.
Distributor: MGM
Movie Release: August 31, 2001
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 1 hr 30 mins
Official Website:
MSRP: $11.99
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
  • Horror originality
  • Nice horror effects
  • Unexpected plot twists
  • Character depth
  • Extended plot development
  • Little "gore" for such a scary movie
  • Very informative audio commentary by Victor Salva--a must listen to
  • None observed
  • This is not the Special Edition DVD release--be sure "SPECIAL EDITION" is labeled on the front of the DVD if you are looking to purchase it
The Audio
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 was good, but there were few scenes where it was used.
The Video
  • The video was exceptionally crisp with grain--rather surprising, given the small budget of the movie itself. I wanted to note the following. Viewing this on a Panasonic 50" plasma television with 480p output selected initially on a Toshiba HD-XA2, I was rather amazed. Upsampled in the Toshiba HD-XA2 to 1080i, looked only a little bit better. Colors were not overly rich, but properly saturated. Lighting was poor in a few scenes, but did not take away from the movie.
Jeepers Creepers grew on me over the last few years. I would have never bought the movie myself until one weekend where I was watching parts of it on television. While not sitting down and viewing it in its entirety, the moments I did manage to glance at it, I became more interested. Why? Because the movie didn't take a lot of the typical paths horror movies take.

The opening scene of the truck rapidly coming up behind Darry and Trish while they are totally unaware, is one of my favorite moments. Victor Salva did a really good job on this movie, and personally, I think he should be recognized and acknowledged more for it. While there are some scenes which seem to just take the movement and feel to the movie (such as the psychic's phonecall and later appearance and her revealing more information about The Creeper), Jeepers Creepers was pretty solid.

The scene where Darry has this idea he needs to go back to the place where an alleged body was dumped to find out if anyone is still alive, makes sense. Some reviewers might disagree as it adds more disbelief a person would actually want to go back to a scene where a homicidal maniac beast is hanging out, and would be more inclined to call the cops and let them handle it. However, the "Church Scene" is significant to demonstrate just how odd The Creeper really is. Another twist is that Darry never faces The Creeper until the very end of the movie, which is unlike most horror movies.


Jeepers Creepers is also one of those rare horror movies where you have time to get to know the characters. Victor Salva could have cut the introduction scenes down to bare bones to get to the horror aspects, but he gives a significant amount of time to let the viewer get closer to Darry and Trish. This also makes the movie feel more personal when particular things happen in the movie. It's interesting few horror directors have figured this out. Provide a healthy script with the characters having a well-formed profile, and the horror movie can escalate into something much more than a typical flick to waste time and share laughs about.

Another aspect of the film I noticed, was the lack of gore and blood. While used in a few key scenes, the director used more suspense and accented the movie with blood and slashed flesh, only when necessary. Restrained blood scenes can often lead to a better horror movie if properly done, and once again Victor Salva shows his style.

Jeepers Creepers gets a Highly Recommended. If this was the Special Edition, it would certainly receive a Highly Recommended Plus rating.

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