Phoenix Wi-fi Radio by Com One

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Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio
by Com One
September 9, 2008
Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio: Introduction Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio: In Use
Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio: Specifications Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio: Conclusion

Phoenix Wi-fi Radio
by Com One
Features: A Wi-Fi radio, capable of delivering thousands of radio station broadcasts from all over the world, in addition to playing local musif files on your PC and via an on-board USB jack on the back of the Phoenix. Stereo output is also offered for connecting to a home theater.
Official Website:
MSRP: $199.00
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
Com One's Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio is a rather interesting and innovative take on radios. Gone are the days of only receiving what your analog radio's inferior antenna could pick up locally in your own town. The Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio connects to your PC via Wi-Fi, then connects to Com One's Wi-Fi Website which feeds thousands of stations to the Phoenix. In addition, Podcasts are available, and you can play a variety of music format files from your computer or from an external USB slot located on the back of the Phoenix. As if this wasn't enough, you can output the audio to your home theater system via an external stereo jack, located on the back of the Phoenix.

The Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio, is by the name, Wi-Fi controlled. You connect the Phoenix to your wireless router, so you will need to have a wireless router for the Phoenix to connect to your computer system for obtaining radio station information and current time settings. Most computer users already have a wireless router, and many don't even use the capability yet, but received the Wi-Fi router with their cable internet package or something similar. Well, now is the perfect time to use it.

The Phoenix is not what I consider a "small" radio, but has substantial volume to it, enabling the radio to be placed on a table, desktop, outside your home while gardening, in your car, etc. The Phoenix is meant to be a gateway to a wide variety of music resources, without the need for complicated electronics. In this regard, the Phoenix certainly is impressive. The amount of radio stations offered on Com One's Wi-Fi Website which connects to the Phoenix, is numerous and a person could easily be entertained for weeks, listening to different radio stations broadcasted throughout the world.

Some of you might ask, "What about a world radio? Isn't this just as good?"

I'd have to respond by saying, "No."

The Phoenix can grab all sorts of stations, and unlike typical antenna radios which are susceptible to local, state, national, and world weather patterns, your internet and Wi-Fi connection is the only hindrance to a great reception. Comparatively, this is a very good thing. Sure, you might find a world radio which has more radio stations available, but do they connect to your Wi-Fi device, offer digital streaming content, as well as offer a website which customizes the settings for you to simply download. There are positives and negatives for going with either type of radio, but as technology evolves, Wi-Fi radios such as the Phoenix offer the latest technology and convenience of the digital medium today.

Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio Features

  • Listen to music without cords throughout your home
  • Wireless listening is only limited to the reception of your router (if you have a powerful Wi-Fi device, you will be in heaven)
  • Thousands of radio stations at the touch of a button and a turn of a knob
  • Stream audio to your home stereo for a more robust sound
  • Customize your listening on Com One's special website and retrieve those special stations from the Phoenix
Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio UPDATED Features

DigitalDingus received version 1.0 of the Phoenix Wi-Fi Radio, but new features and performance have been updated since the initial firmware release. In version 1.6.1, we have the following updates:

  • Decoding engine updated
  • Caching engine updated
  • WM9 full support
  • WPA2 support
  • Content catalog localization
  • In addition to English and French, the interface now offers Spanish, German and Italian
About Com One

This is the third electronic device by Com One which has been reviewed by DigitalDingus. I like the company. Com One isn't as large as other companies who make electronics, but I also notice their quality is also above other electronics. Com One is also more worldly-aware, as I frequently encounter their websites and promotional materials. Suffice it to say, when your a consumer of Com One, you're getting something special from the electronics industry, as well as cutting edge technology.

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