PowerSquid Surge 3000 (Calamari Edition)

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PowerSquid Surge 3000 (Calamari Edition)
by Flexity, LLC
December 19, 2006
PowerSquid Surge 3000 (Calamari Edition) Introduction What's In The Box / Closer Look
PowerSquid Surge 3000 Specifications PowerSquid Surge 3000 Conclusion

PowerSquid Surge 3000
(Calamari Edition)

Joule Rating: 3240
Purestream EMI/RFI Filter: 58db
Power Indicator: Blue LED
Surge Status Indicator: Red LED
Ground Status Indicator: Green LED
Weight: 1,050g ( 2lbs 5.5oz)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
MSRP: $79.95 | Click For Best Price
  • High power surge rating
  • Easily accomodates bulky and odd-shaped AC adapters
  • Low profile to fit just about anywhere
  • Flexible AC power plugs
  • Supports communications connections such as telephone and coaxial cable inputs
  • "Blue Shield" cover for reducing dust accumulation on the coaxial and telephone jacks, protecting the sensitive inputs and outputs
  • A very thick 14-gauge power cable
  • Audible alarm for circuit failure
  • Rubber skid feet to prevent sliding across smooth surfaces
  • Long 8ft power cord
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • None observed
  • Very bright neon blue LED power indicator
  • Thick 14-gauge power cable
  • Make it modular
  • Sell an outdoor version (rubber enclosure, rubber power button, etc.)
  • European model with the respective voltage and adapters
  • Make A mini-Squid for portable travel
I've been using the PowerSquid Surge 3000 (Calamari Edition) for a few weeks now and it's powered tentacles have grown on me. When friends come over, it's always fun to hear them ask just what the hek it is. I reply, "It's a PowerSquid!".

Because of my electronic interests, I need to connect and disconnect a lot of gadgets. This becomes very tedious because current power strips just aren't well designed for various AC adapters being attached to them and certainly are NOT designed to be flexible. The PowerSquid solves a lot of headaches by staggering its power tentacle lengths to accomodate bulky AC adapters.

Another feature I like about the PS3000 Calamari is it's overall shape. It can easily fit in areas where a boxy power strip would find very difficult. The design also seems to reduce the dust accumulation. With a standard rectangular box facing up, you naturally have a haven for dust to build up.


The PS3000 Calamari has some advanced electrical current protection many surge protectors just do not have. A PureStream EMI/RFI filter and Ultra-MOV technology are built-in to provide the best power current performance. Overall, this is a very sophisticated surge protector, in a compact design.

One suggestion I did have which I think would really make this surge protector even more versatile, is introduce modular AC power cords of custom length. For example, there is an 8ft cord on the PowerSquid Surge 3000 Calamari, but what if you could swap out that power cable for a 25ft attachment? This would enable the consumer to use a PowerSquid in places such as a garage. And this follows my second suggestion which is to make an outdoor version of the PowerSquid for those who venture outdoors (such as making the power button rubber and water resistant, a special rubber enclosure to be drop-damage-oh-crap resistant, etc.). There are a lot of small gadgets we tend to use to clean the exteriors of a home which don't necessarily draw a lot of power, but need a capable surge protector with additional outlets on it which are flexible. The PowerSquid would be perfect.

I would also suggest a European version with adapters, because I am sure the PowerSquid would be in demand there, as well as for those in the US who stay in Europe for an extended period of time. And finally, another suggestion is to create a travel version which is maybe half the size, doesn't have the thick gauge cable, but is geared towards the traveler who would be using it for various small electronic devices.

So, if you still have those boxy, bulky power strips which provide little safety to your electronics devices, I highly recommend trying the PowerSquid line of products, especially the Calamari Edition for maximum performance.

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