Stone Cold

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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold
December 3, 2007
Stone Cold: Introduction / The Movie
Stone Cold: Features & Specifications Stone Cold: Conclusion

Stone Cold
Features: Dolby Digital 5.1. Beneath the Surface of "Stone Cold" Featurette.
Distributor: Sony Pictures
Movie Release: February 20, 2005
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 1 hr 27 mins
Official Website: N/A
MSRP: $19.99
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
  • Realistic interactions
  • Gritty feel
  • Great cinematography
  • Appropriately paced
  • Pleasant theme music
  • Tom Selleck is perfect for the role of Jesse Stone
  • None observed
  • Stone Cold is the first of a series, and as such, does take some time to develop momentum
Stone Cold initially starts out slow and the viewer can become rather distant from the movie in general. However, Stone Cold does do a fine job at giving hints of police work and a more realistic approach to particular situations. If you listen closely to Tom Selleck's character, there are elements taken from real police officers. And this is what keeps the movie entertaining. Real characters. They may seem boring at first, but you do become used to them after a while, and enjoy their flaws.

What I did find unusual for Stone Cold, is the revealing of the killers in the beginning of the movie. In normal crime mysteries, the detective is working up to finding the perpetrators. However, in this movie, we have a clear confrontation with both the investigating officer and the killers.

Stone Cold has a lot of gritty elements, and viewers will appreciate these elements in future installments of Jesse Stone. Not everyone will be able to palate these realistic elements, but they do add to the realism of the movie. Combining such gritty performances with the actors, if we had more well-known and accomplished actors, this movie would be stellar, but unfortunately, we haven't heard much of them, other than Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Mimi Rogers (Rita Fiore) and Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy).


Tom Selleck has proven himself over the years as Jesse Stone, and has adapted to the role rather nicely. Since this is the first of several Robert B. Parker adaptions for the television screen (Selleck is currently filming the fifth movie called Jesse Stone: Thin Ice), viewers might be a little cautious due to the character development and overall flow of the movie. Regardless of the imperfection of the movie, this is still a good feature to watch when you're looking for something a little different. I suspect subsequent titles will gradually get better as the actors get used to each other. As such, I think a Recommended is a good start to leave room for improvement.

Another positive note about this first installment of Jesse Stone. The cinematography is very good, and looks great on a widescreen television. One can only hope an HD version of this and future Jesse Stone movies will grace the shelves at retailers.

Finally, I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it, so I'll be cryptic here. I wish one of the actors who died in the movie, was not killed off so quickly. This reason will present itself in my next review of the second Jesse Stone film.

The Audio

  • Dolby Digital 5.1 was fine, and was mostly beneficial during musical passages within the movie. I could remember very few scenes where the 5.1 was necessary. I really like the theme music as it is calm and peaceful, but at the same time delivers melancholy and sadness, which are all parts of Jesse Stone's life.
The Video
  • At times, the video is noticeably artifacted, however, this is viewing the movie on a Panasonic 50" plasma at a 6ft distance. A smaller television may not exhibit as much. Overall, the video quality is rather good considering it's made for television. At a more typical viewing distance for a 50" HDTV (i.e., 10-15ft), the picture looked very good.
The Extras
  • The only extra included on this disc is the 11-minute featurette with Tom Selleck and Mimi Rogers taking up most of the discussion. Still, a pretty good featurette to listen to. Robert Harmon, the director of Stone Cold, is also seen in the featurette in a few instances.

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