The Tornado by Data Drive Thru

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The Tornado
by Data Drive Thru
March 2, 2008
The Tornado: Introduction Using The Tornado
The Tornado: Specifications The Tornado: Conclusion

The Tornado
by Data Drive Thru
Features: Connect two computers via USB, allowing for seamless connection for transferring files and data.
Official Website:
MSRP: $59.95
Current Price: Check Price / Purchase
  • Easy installation
  • Simple interface
  • No software required
  • USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible
  • Compact design
  • Green LEDs for status/activity
  • Retractable USB 2.0 cables
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • File and data contents of both computers are easily seen
  • Works with any Windows laptop, desktop PC, server, which has a USB port
  • Low memory footprint (at idle)
  • Printed user manual
  • 1 year warranty
Cons / Disadvantages
  • Out of the package, The Tornado is limited to reaching computers within 4ft or less from each other. A USB 2.0 extension cable is recommended for those not wanting to move their computers.
  • A rather quick device to install.
  • Will not automatically scan for a virus when transferring files.
  • Make sure to not combine USB 2.0 ports with 1.1 ports.
  • Provide a Tornado version capable of transferring files between 3-4 (or more) computers.
Data Drive Thru's Tornado was one of the most simple and intuitive products I've ever used. It took less than five minutes to hook up my two computers, and in a few moments, I was transferring files with ease. The Tornado has two LED activity lights to confirm you have a connection, which is a nicely-added feature.

The interface for transferring data and files is simple to use. Within the interface, you have two windows which represent each computer hooked up to the Tornado.

Data Drive Thru provides a physical miniature user manual which comes in handy when not at the computer. It's nice to actually read something on paper versus a computer screen.

The amount of memory footprint is also very low. It's only when you begin to transfer large files that the Tornado's application begins to jump in memory needs and computer resources. This should be rather insignificant since the user would not want other applications running in the background anyway, possibly contaminating the files being transferred (for example if you're running an application from the same folder you're transferring files from).

One of the observations I'd like to mention is the lack of any virus protection when scanning files. I don't expect Data Drive Thru to provide such a feature, so a word of caution to the user. Be sure you have your files scanned ahead of time before you transfer files in bulk from your older computer to your new one. It's just common sense, but sometimes, common sense escapes us.


Another observation which could very easily be overlooked. If you have a USB 2.0 port on one computer and a 1.1 port on the other, you're not going to get the maximum file transfer speed of around 25MB per second. So, in case you're wondering why files are transferring slower than usual, and you plugged The Tornado up to USB 2.0 ports, double-check your connections and make sure the ports on BOTH ends of The Tornado are USB 2.0.

Only one con or slight disadvantage I noticed. The Tornado has a limited USB 2.0 cable length of 4 feet, so the two computers must be within this distance. In my particular case, my computers were about 8 feet apart, and having a USB 2.0 extension cable around made my experience not as irritating as it could be if an extension cable was not present. I realize The Tornado is somewhat limited in cable length to make it compact, but a length of around 10 feet would be ideal.

For those looking for an ultra-fast way to transfer files between two computers, the Tornado is your answer. No networking guru knowledge required and no software installation is necessary. Wouldn't it be nice if all products were made like this?

One suggestion I would like to convey to Data Drive Thru is to create a Home Networking version, which can control up to 4 (or more) computers at a time. These days, we have several computers in one home, and being able to simply connect to all of them via extended cables and a Tornado, would be a breeze versus having to figure out how to network all computers for just a transfer of files.

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