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Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Bridge Meets Camera Raw

January 10, 2006
(updated February 26, 2006)

  • Adobe Lightroom Beta announced
  • Appears to be an Adobe Bridge / Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) hybrid integration
  • MAC Beta version download available NOW (Windows Beta not yet available)
  • Current Beta (Beta 2) for use ends June 30, 2006
  • MSRP: Unknown (~$199-$249?)

On January 5, Adobe announced it's new website which was formerly Macromedia Labs, Adobe Labs has been around since October, but not a lot of attention has hit it until the recent announcement on January 9, of Adobe Lightroom, an integration of Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw. Formerly known as Shadowland, Adobe Lightroom looks to be a very interesting product for photographers.

Download Adobe Lightroom Beta For MAC (registration required)

New Adobe Lightroom Beta Overview Video by George Jardine

George Jardine Lightroom Beta OverviewGeorge Jardine has a 20-minute overview video of Adobe Lightroom Beta in the Lightroom Beta section of Adobe Labs' website. It's another great video of this soon-to-be very essential tool for photographers.

Adobe Lightroom Beta Versions

(February 13, 2006) Current Beta version is 2.0

  • Now supports Intel-based Mac computers
  • Past Beta Versions:

    (January 17, 2006) Beta version 1.1

  • Removed possibility of file deletion after a duplicate file is imported into the Library using the "Move Files to Lightroom Library" option
  • Updated processing algorithms for the Panasonic DMC-LX1 and Panasonic DMC-FZ30 cameras
  • (January 10, 2006) Beta version 1.0b1

    Adobe Lightroom Target Audience

    Adobe Lightroom is a program mostly meant for professional photographers who have several folders of images, and need a streamlined approach to editing their photos. Lightroom currently (like it's big brother Aperture) does not accept layered images. It will flatten them. This could be a slight liability for wedding photographers (and Layer users), as their images consist of special presentations. But overall, I doubt this will be much of a problem. I haven't heard much about the layer issue, but thanks to Adobe's beta website, they will certainly hear from their beta users of any features which should be added.

    Modules: Developer SDK Will Be Available

    Adobe says they will be releasing a SDK in the future, so that third party developers can produce plugins and modules. This will probably secure the success of Lightroom. There are many talented software engineers who can present special plugins for individual users, as this was the success of Photoshop.

    Why Lightroom Beta For Windows Was Delayed

    One of the reasons for the delayed release of Lightroom for Windows users, is because Adobe says they are working extra hard for compatibility with the new Windows OS release later this year. Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) will be a 64-bit operating system, becoming much more competitive with the familiar looks we see with MAC operating systems.

    Adobe Lightroom Videos

    As of mid-February, Adobe has added a Lightroom Video section where videos on Lightroom will be stored.

    Recommended Websites Covering Adobe Lightroom

    Currently, only the MAC Beta version of Lightroom is available, so I personally won't be reviewing it until it becomes available for Windows users. Until then, there is a nice collection of websites which have previewed its features for MAC users:

    Luminous Landscape Lightroom Preview (by Michael Reichman)
    Lightroom Tips & Tricks (by Michael Reichman)
    Lightroom Blog Q&A By John Nack (Adobe Website Blog)
    Adobe Lightoom Intro Movie (Adobe Website; 54.7MB File) Lightroom Preview (NAPP Learning Center)
    Computer-Darkroom Preview (by Ian Lyons)
    GFX (T. Morris) Lightroom Information
    Photoshop News Preview (by Jeff Schewe)
    Layers Magazine Preview (indirect link to .MOV file - by Dave Cross)

    Adobe Announces Lightroom January 10, 2006
    Adobe Labs Delivers Early Consumer Access to Emerging Technologies January 5, 2006
    Adobe’s Proposed Acquisition of Macromedia Clears USDOJ October 13, 2005
    Adobe Stock Photos Adds Four New Collections October 13, 2005
    Adobe Updates Camera Raw Plug-in and DNG Converter February 7, 2005

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