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Nikon AF-S 70-200 VR Lens Issues
April 2003
AF-S 70-200 VR Issues • AF-S 70-200 VR Issues (Continued) • AF-S 70-200 VR Summary

Name................. Experience
Joseph Schneid
(Louisville, KY, USA)
"I think this may help some of the people who are having trouble with there lens. I started using Stabilant 22A at least 10 years ago as a Field Engineer for a mainframe computer manufacturer. If you search the internet you will see that it is used on every conceivable electrical connection. I have not treated the connections on my camera or lens because I have not had a problem. I just added two gigabyte of memory to my Mac G5 and treated the edge connections of the new and existing simms. I have never had a problem with memory on the G5 but I am in the habit of treating all computer edge connections from my previous experience as a field engineer..

Joseph Schneid
Louisville Ky"

Received: 8-26-2004

Henry Jalette
(Frederick, MD USA)
"I have been searching around for answers for my lens problems. I have had the same issue several times at Nascar Races recently. Everyone mentions the click and whirring which mine has done since new, but at the Races in Richmond the auto focus stopped working completely on two occasions. I had to unmount the lens and reset the camera before AF would work again. Needless to say I was freaking out. I've heard contacts, the electronics, etc. I believe it is a defect in the lens design. Yesterday I mounted the lens to shoot my son skateboarding, and in less than 50 shots the lens stopped working. I believe after I was holding the camera with the lens facing down. Again, unmount, reset, remount, hope and pray and it started working again. A lens this expensive should be flawless. When working it is exceptionally sharp and very responsive, unfortunately this issue effectively renders the lens useless.

I have been told clean the contacts, fresh batteries, etc. etc.. That would be fine if all my lenses had this problem. The only lens I have a problem with is this one. The 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR.

I also own the following:

D100,N80, N60 bodies

24-85mm f/2.8-4D AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6D ED AF 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S DX

Received: 10-2004

Robert Williams
(Charlotte, NC, USA)
"I just wanted to let somebody know that people are still having issues with this Lens. My lens is a month old, and it overexposes about 50% of the shots I take. I have also found a couple other people with the exact same problem. I don't know what to do. I wish Nikon USA would own up to their QC issues and help us out. Let me know if you have any ideas or helpful information.


-Robert Williams
Charlotte, NC"

Received: 11-26-2004

Anthony Snow
"I just recieved my lens from B&H. I attached my TC17EII and 70-200mm VR AF-S together and then attached it to my D2X (all equipment is new and just purchased). I could not autofocus on anything I tried to focus on. I then took the TC off and attached it to the body...same results. Humm, I decided that I would re-read all the manuals to make sure I did not have some auto-focus priority setting enabled somewhere deep within a menu. After about two hours of trying, I decided to test it out on my D100. I still could not autofocus on anything (it just seemed to hunt back and forth between minimum and maximum focal lengths). I also tried it on my F5 and had the same results. At this time, I decided to do some research on the internet and found your site. Could you add myself to your list? I wonder if the TC is causing the 70-200 to fry something in the lens? Who knows.


Tony USA"

Received: 3-8-2005

Andrew Dieb
(Crystal Clear Media)
"We rented a 70-200 VR lens for a wedding shoot this weekend (3/18 -3/19/2005) and experienced losing the autofocus ability on several occasions with use on a D100. The solution: Turn off camera, dismount lens, reattach and turn back on. This would fix the problem for a while. This happened several times at the rehearsal. On Saturday, we used the lens during the ceremony only and did not experience the problem. I also should note that I have rented this lens several times in the past for my D70 and have had no issues. It definitely did not like the D100 Friday for some reason.

Just thought I'd give you an update to add to your list of D100 user experiences with this particular lens.


Crystal Clear Media"

Received: 3-20-2005

Kevin Curtis

"I own a D100 and rented the AF-S 70-200G VR to shot a wedding this past Saturday. I had the same problem with it locking up and I had to remove the lens and remount it in order to get it to work. Keep spreading the word. Nikon needs to acknowledge and address this issue ASAP.


Received: 3-20-2005

Richard Etique "Hi

I have just purchased a 70-200 VR from B&H so far so good. ? Is the clicking on shutter release and same after release the VR working. Reason for this question I tried a used one and It did not make any click with VR set to on, YET at 200mm 1/30sec Images were good compared to VR off.

Thank You
Richard Etique"

Received: 8-6-2005

Arlindo Pinto

Join me to your list. In fact, I bought a 70-200 vr (second hand) and all seems to be well. But once I put the TC 14II on it… those were the days! The autofocus and the VR system no longer functioned and it becomes an intermittent problem, with or without the TC. Sometimes after I left the combo (D70s + 70-200mm) off for a while, the AF and VR won't work. Reset button, take the battery out, dismount the lens, will not help. It works as normal only after I mount other lens to my D70s or mount the dead VR lens to F65. It’s a problem that I can't stand. But, will it help send it to Nikon to fix the problem? Is it fixable? Thanks!

Arlindo Pinto

Received: 9-12-2005

Pete Moran "I am writing to inform you that my 70-200 has begun reporting focal lengths improperly. At 130 mm it reports 130, but at 200 it reports 86mm. My D2X works fine with my other 4 lenses. This is quite a dissapointment. Thank you for reporting problems - there is little information on this issue.

-pete moran

Received: 4-7-2006

Russ Mundschenk "Hi:

I got some solace in seeing that others have had the same problems as me with the 70-200VR lens.

A problem I discovered a month ago that mysteriously "fixed itself" has reared its ugly head again. Originally, my brand new 70-200VR f/2.8 lens just stopped VR & autofocus. I then mounted my 17-55mm f/2.8 lens and that didn't autofocus either. (My standard AF Tokina 12ATX always works fine through all of this). After trying some different switch settings, I found that by flipping the camera mounted AF/M switch back and forth, I could get both lenses to work after mounting them and flipping the AF/M switch. Executing a menu reset caused both to work normally again (without the AF/M switch toggle) - at least that's what I thought. After using the 70-200mm for awhile, I noticed that even though the NORMAL VR seemed to be working (Clutch clicked in and out and the voice coils made noise) my shots at 1/60 second were as blurry in NORMAL (not ACTIVE) VR as when the VR was turned off. So I took some more shots both in active and normal, moving the camera around to free up the VR elements. The VR then started to work just fine. Unfortunately, after a few more shots, the VR clutched out with a BIG CLUNK and there was significant image movement in the viewfinder. VR and Autofocus not longer worked - again (deja-vu?) Mounted my 17-55mm on the lens and the AF didn't work on that either. Fussed around with the DOF Preview button and camera's AF/M switch toggling them. Got the 17-55 to autofocus again. Put the 70-200VR back on - no VR no autofocus. Tried to take some shots & finally the VR and autofocus started working again. After about 15 shots - the clutch clunked out and image shifted again. Then only autofocus with no VR. A few more shots - then VR and no autofocus. Some more shots - VR & AF work again. The good news is that when the lens works, it really does seem to stabilize now and I can shoot down to 1/4 second! Still, this is getting really frustrating!!

Some info: No lens errors ever appear on the LCD display.
I have carefully cleaned the camera contacts with a standard pencil eraser and alcohol.
The camera in in the AF lock only mode (NOT "AF ON" with will cause the lens to autofocus with only the rear button) I have seen the AF dot on the lower left of the VF flash at times when the camera is trying to focus but cannot.

Latest Info: Applied Caig Pro-Gold contact conditioner (available in the “magic marker” dispenser @ Radio Shack) to the D-70’s contacts and the problem has not reappeared – yet…..(still not convinced). Seems like this lens is fussier about contact resistance than others, like the 17-55mm and certainly my regular AF Tokina 12ATX 12-24mm, which always works.

Russ Mundschenk
Field Test and Implementation Manager
iBiquity Digital Corp.

Received: 4-12-2006

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