Brain Fitness by Lumosity

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Brain Fitness
(Online Cognitive Training)
by Lumosity
September 30, 2007

Brain Fitness
by Lumosity
Features: Improves fundamental cognitive abilities by using an online program. Several different games which stimulate different activity are offered.
Official Website:
MSRP: $9.95/month; ($79.20 for yearly purchase)
Current Price: Sign-up For 14-Day Free Trial
Fundamental cognitive abilities can be achieved in a variety of ways, and one of those ways, is a unique and creative idea developed for online computer users. I was contacted to give Lumosity's Brain Training series a try, and share my experiences. After going online and using the program for a few days, I have some interesting results to share with you. Cognitive ability is a very dynamic subject, and in today's world of using computers to do just about everything, I find it essential for an online learning experience. Few websites have interested me, and I will say, Lumosity has one of the best sites, if not the best, I've seen and interacted with. Let's start to explore what Lumosity's Brain Fitness Program is all about.

Exercise Your Brain

Your brain acts like any muscle in your body. Use it regularly, and it develops, ready to act when necessary. Don't use it, and the brain becomes slow to react, or even misinterprets information being received. It's like riding a bicycle. If you've never ridden one, it will be quite awkward trying to use it. However, the more you use the bicycle, the more you and your brain adapt to using it.

The Brain Workout

There are four major areas where you will be improving your cognitive skills:

  • Attention
  • Processing Speed
  • Memory
  • Cognitive Control
Lumosity - Progress Report

As you progress through the program, there are different games for you to participate in. These programs are detailed and highly visual and include sounds, which make your brain work more and use your senses.

Lumosity - Spatial Speed Match and Speed Match

Lumosity - Lost In Migration

After you've been playing a few cognitive games, you can check your scores via the My History link within the browser:

Lumosity - Score History


  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Great graphics
  • Games make you think
  • View your progress over time
  • Brain Fitness program could improve your daily tasks within a few days
  • Works just fine on older PC systems
  • 14-day trial period to see if it's right for you
  • None observed
  • Does stimulate quicker cognition
  • Make a downloadable version for times not having an internet connection
I have to say, these games do make you think, and they are not some crude creation I've seen on other so-called "memory" sites. Lumosity does an extremely nice job at designing their games. After only a few days of playing the games, I did seem to notice my perception to be analyzing situations quicker. This should be expected however, which is a good thing. Continuous practice of any activity will enhance that particular aspect of your activity. What Lumosity has done, is provide an extremely easy way to enhance specialized cognitive learning, without the need for external devices. All you need is a computer system.

Speaking of computer systems, Lumosity's Brain Fitness performed just fine on the DigitalDingus PC #1, so I expect it to be compatible with just about anything. If your computer is 7 years old, well that's just fine because so was the computer I was testing it on.


I give Lumosity's program a Highly Recommended, given other online website learning centers I've experienced. I've used several different formats for learning online, and they don't come close to Lumosity's originality and creation of their cognitive games. Lumosity does charge a $9.95/month fee, and a yearly subscription which averages out to $6.60/month, but considering if it's used everyday, for only a few minutes to keep your edge, it averages out to $.33 a day, and if you pay the annual subscription price, it would be under a quarter a day ($.22/day). For a simple quarter, wouldn't it be a deal to play a learning program online which has several different cognitive games that are fun and enjoyable? I think so.

I did have one suggestion, which is providing the application to be downloaded. Of course, this automatically creates the potential for the application to be distributed, but for those who pay, the option for this convenience would be nice.

I'd also like to mention something which has not been commented on elsewhere. If you enjoy PC gaming, this would be an excellent way to enhance your gaming skills. PC gaming requires dexterity and quick cognition of particular movements of the mouse and keyboard, and Lumosity's program does exactly this--it not only improves cognition, but improves your keyboard and mouse familiarity. And if you do not enjoy PC gaming, Lumosity would be a great substitute for it. Either way, Lumosity can have an important impact on your cognitive skills, wherever they may be applied.

Lumosity's Brain Fitness program comes with a 14-day trial period, and it is recommended.


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