iBlink Earphones by Elexa

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iBlink Earphones by Elexa USA
October 11, 2009

iBlink Earphones
Features: Earphones which blink to the beat. This is not only a feature for those who want to be noticed, but for those who want a fairly economical way to enjoy their music and be noticed in the dark while exercising. Frequency response is rated at 100hz to 10Khz.
MSRP: $29.99
Official Website: http://myiblinkusa.com
It's been a long time since DigitalDingus has done a product review. The primary reason is basically not spending so much time on the PC. But when there's usually a product waiting for me on my doorstep, I usually have a pretty good reason to start typing on the keyboard. The iBlink Earphones, distributed by Elexa Consumer Products Incorporated, are a rather unique product as each earphone has a set of lights which will blink to the beat of your favorite music. While this may seem a little over the top, I discovered this feature is perfect for those who exercise at night. As of the release date of this review, the days are getting shorter, and the sun is setting sooner. Getting a vehicle's attention is a good thing. And let's not even get into the other walkabouters who just don't see people altogether and run into you. The iBlinks can be for them as well. So, let's take a look at the iBlink Earphones.

iBlink Earphones

I was surprised to discover just how bright the iBlink earphones were when I plugged in my Sansa MP3 player. Yes, an iPod will certainly work, but I don't have one, and don't want one at the moment. In any case, the iBlinks are compatible with any MP3 player which has the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This is a good thing, as many of us have several different music playing devices which will work with these earphones.

iBlink Earphones

Using the iBlink earphones are simple. Just plug the jack into your MP3 player. The iBlinks have the option to turn the lights on or off, which certainly a necessary feature. Flip the switch to ON and you're all set to go. There are is also a three-segment blinking light on the charging unit which adds to the visibility of the iBlink earphones.


  • Lights are sensitive to the beat of music
  • Fairly good sound--could be better
  • Option to switch the lights ON or OFF
  • Recharge with the supplied USB cable--no need for an AC adapter
  • Perfect for night walkers and joggers
  • Rather inexpensive for what this product delivers
Cons / Disadvantages
  • Website navigation is a nightmare; somebody hire a new webmaster
  • Good sound reproduction for the price, but would like a lower frequency response to about 60hz instead of 100hz, and add a high frequency response of 15Khz versus the 10Khz offered
  • Earphones should be more coned shape, so they fit inside the ear more snug when exercising and moving around
The iBlink Earphones are a pretty good value for what they deliver. If you want some music which gives a little flare to your style as you go out in public, these are it. As I've stated above, these earphones are perfect for those who walk and jog at night. I put these on at night myself and I lit up like Robert Redford's character in The Electric Horseman. The sound reproduction on the iBlink's is not bad, but I think could be improved upon. The rated frequency response is 100hz to 10Khz. 15Khz is typical of a radio station, so capping off at 10Khz is a bit much. The lower frequency response cap is not so bad as a person can compensate with making sure a good seal is kept with the earphones.


Speaking of good seals, the earphones could be a little more coned shaped, so they go deeper inside the ear. I noticed myself adjusting the earphones more than usual when walking and jogging around. The iBlinks come with three different sizes of gel buds so finding a good fit isn't too difficult, but having a slightly longer shaped earbud would be ideal.

Charging the iBlinks is very simple. All you need is the supplied USB cable which will charge the iBlinks just fine. This is very convenient as I have enough AC adapters lying around, collecting dust.

One of the more serious disadvantages I experienced is going to iBlink's website. If they want people to purchase their product, they're gonna have to re-design the website so it flows easier. And my advice is to drop the fluffy Flash driven engine altogether. I don't use Flash on my website and there's a reason for it. Make it simple and easy for consumers to see the product and purchase it. Don't make it so "hip" that a person gets so confused they'll opt for something else on another website.

The very annoying website aside, I think the iBlink Earphones are a good value for those who want fairly good sound and the added feature of owning a pair of buds which are much unlike anything I've seen. These would also be a reliable backup to more expensive earphones where you want something which will do the job and not risk the damage to your more expensive earphones (i.e., a pair of Atrio's).

If you're looking for something inexpensive, functional, and the added feature of blinking lights for nighttime exercising as well as just fun, then these are for you.


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