Vertus & Imagenomic Team Up To Provide Bargain Bundles On Software

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Vertus & Imagenomic Team Up To Provide
Bargain Bundles On Software
August 14, 2008

Origin Of News Release: London, England & Alexandria, VA
Original Release Date: August 14, 2008
Announcement: Vertus & Imagenomic To Provide Discounts On Bundled Software
Availability: From now until September 30th, 2008

Multiple Product Bundling Options Deliver Award-Winning Image Extraction and Enhancement Tools to Photographers and Other Creative Professionals

Vertus, Inc. and Imagenomic, LLC announced today a new series of software bundles that will provide photographers and creative professionals with unique, award-winning solutions for image extractions and creative enhancements. From August 14 to September 30, 2008, Imagenomic’s entire plug-in suite, which includes Noiseware Pro, Portraiture, and RealGrain, will be bundled with Vertus’ Fluid Mask 3 at a 20% discount. Photographers, graphic designers and image editors alike will be able to incorporate these industry leading tools into their creative and production workflows at a significant reduction in cost.

“This is truly an exciting venture as imaging professionals will not only have access to a single bundle of programs, but multiple combinations,” said James Carr-Jones, president and CEO of Vertus. “Having spent several years trying to identify and serve the particular needs of the imaging industry, we have become extremely familiar with the importance of specialized tools, and we’re positive that customers of Vertus and Imagenomic will be very pleased with the pairings of these different programs. They will have access to multiple, powerful applications at a significant discount.”

“Photographers and art directors are relying on advanced imaging software tools to help provide a cleaner, faster and more compelling photography deliverable for their clients, and Imagenomic is pleased to be a popular solution for many of these creative pros,” said David McDonell, co-founder and CEO of Imagenomic. “We are excited to work with Vertus to bundle our software suite with Fluid Mask 3. There are distinct advantages to using these tools together; as such we’ve created a ‘super suite’ that truly enhances the workflow for creative and visual pros.”

Vertus and Imagenomic will be co-hosting interactive webinars and online video tutorials to demonstrate these product synergies. The bundles will be available on both Vertus and Imagenomic’s websites as electronic downloads, and will be priced from $247.16 to $383.16. The entire Imagenomic suite can be purchased with Fluid Mask 3, or the bundle can be customized to include Fluid Mask 3 and individual Imagenomic products. Additionally, current owners of either product can take advantage of the bundled offering with a 20% savings on the accompanying software.

For download, discount and related information please visit:



The various bundles will be priced as follows:

Vertus & Imagenomic Bundle Bargains
Software Tool Retail Price Bundle Price Savings
FL3 & Imagenomic Pro Plug-In Suite $478.95 $383.16 $95.79
FL3 & Noiseware Pro Plug-in v.4 $308.95 $247.16 $61.79
FL3 & Portraiture Plug-in v.1 $408.95 $327.16 $81.79
FL3 & RealGrain Plug-in v.1 $338.95 $271.16 $67.79
FL3 = Fluid Mask 3

About Noiseware, Portraiture & RealGrain

Noiseware is a highly-acclaimed award-winning software tool that is setting the standard for digital image noise reduction. It leads the field for speed, quality and ease-of-use in restoring image fidelity by eliminating digital noise and unwanted artifacts introduced by high ISO photography and less than optimal environmental conditions. Portraiture eliminates the tedious manual labor of selective masking and pixel-by-pixel treatments to help you achieve excellence in portrait retouching. It intelligently smoothens and removes imperfections while preserving skin texture and other important portrait details such as hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. Finally, RealGrain features versatile methods for simulating the grain patterns, the color and the tonal response of different films and different scan resolutions to convey a truly film-like image effect. All Imagenomic Plug-ins work with Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3 and Elements for both Mac and Windows-based operating systems.

Product details and trial download editions are available through Imagenomic's website:

About Fluid Mask 3

Fluid Mask 3 offers the most powerful and accurate image extraction on the market, making separating the most complicated images, such as individual human hairs, from their backgrounds, extremely quick and accurate. The “Smart Blending” capability unique to the software and its powerful edge detection system make Fluid Mask 3 an intuitive workflow resource that no photographer or graphic designer can be without. The award winning Fluid Mask 3 is currently available for both Windows and Mac based operating systems, and functions as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3 & Elements, while also working in stand alone mode. The program has been deployed by image editors at the National Magazine Company, producers of such titles as Elle, Men’s Health, Glamour and Bazaar, as well as the likes of Disney, Hallmark and Warner Brothers, and recently became the first image editing program added to the Getty Images Preferred Supplier Program. The newest version of Fluid Mask is available for download through the Vertus website at:

About Imagenomic

Imagenomic, LLC is a privately held, independent software vendor specializing in digital imagery enhancement solutions. Using proprietary, patent-pending algorithms, the company is focused on creating high-performance software tools for retouching, noise and artifact removal, sharpening and other image correction and enhancement processes. Its award-winning products have been acclaimed by a global customer community and industry peers for their superior processing speed, picture quality and overall ease-of-use. More information on Imagenomic can be found at:

About Vertus

Vertus is the graphics and imaging software division of Heligon, a technology business specializing in image data interpretation. Heligon's groundbreaking technology uses complex algorithms to mimic the way the eye and brain perform visual processing so that complex shapes and colors can be recognized within images. Heligon licenses its technology to market leaders in industries including design and graphics, printing and video. More information on Vertus can be found at:

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