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Data Drive Thru Introduces iTornado for Mac, the First 'No Software To Load' Device for Transferring Files Between PCs and Macs
January 7, 2008

Origin Of News Release: Dallas, TX; Las Vegas, NV (CES 2008)
Original Release Date: January 7, 2008
Announcement: Data Drive Thru announces iTornado
MSRP: $79.95
Availability: Shipping March 2008

Company's proprietary technology makes it the must-have tool for new and current Mac owners needing to migrate from a PC

Providing a seamless solution to the challenge of transferring files from one computer to another, regardless of whether either machine is a PC or a Mac, Data Drive Thru introduces iTornado at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. The device is the ultimate accessory for those replacing old computers, or switching between operating systems from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows, that need to move their files of all types, including documents, music and pictures to their new Mac or PC. iTornado is a file transfer micro computer that connects to two computers in a matter of seconds simply by plugging the retractable USB cables into the USB ports of each computer without the need to load any software. Members of the press can see a demonstration of this device at the Data Drive Thru CES booth #72225 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

"Our research shows that each day as many as 14,000 computer users worldwide switch to Macs from PCs when purchasing a new machine. This underscores the tremendous need and market for a quick and easy file transfer solution between the two systems,” said Paul L. Andrus, Founder and CEO of Data Drive Thru. "We've solved the problem using our patented NSTL Technology. The 'universal' nature of iTornado makes it an indispensable tool for use in the home or offices of any size.”

When connected to the USB ports of two computers, iTornado immediately initiates a peer-to-peer network via its patented No Software To LoadTM, or NSTL Technology, which auto-loads and auto-runs the software and drivers needed to move the data bi-directionally from one computer to another via a user-friendly split-screen display that within seconds appears on the monitor of both machines showing the contents of each machine. From this interface, files can be dragged and dropped from one machine to another at speeds of up to 25 Mb/sec. The iTornado also can be used to quickly create back-up files and is compatible with most Apple and Microsoft operating system programs.

"Our original award winning PC-to-PC file transfer product we introduced last year, The Tornado, received rave reviews from end-users, computer experts and press for its ease-of-use, reliability and moderate cost,” said Clint Hughes, Vice President of Marketing for Data Drive Thru. "iTornado, which extends the use of this tool to work with any two computers – PC or Mac – makes a world class file transfer solution even better. There are other exciting features being built inside the NSTL platform that will be soon unveiled to make life even easier for PC and Mac users.”

iTornado, which retails for $79.95 will start shipping in March and will be available at and at computer products retailers nationwide. Like The Tornado, iTornado comes with a separate bonus copy of PC Eraser that can clean files from Windows based PC computers to US Government Department of Defense standards allowing consumers to dispose of or donate their old computer free of the fear of their personal files falling into the hands of identity thieves.

About Data Drive Thru, Inc.

Data Drive Thru is the innovator of NSTL Technology (No Software To Load) that has been first applied to a line of intelligent computer cable products that solve the problem of data transfer between two personal computers/laptops (PCs). Its unique patented technologies automate the process of getting data from one PC to another. Data Drive Thru has also become the voice for millions of average PC users that are searching for easier and faster products that allow them to get the most out of their individual computer experiences.

Data Drive Thru is also the only authorized and licensed company to sell the popular retractable USB and audio cable products under an exclusive master distributor agreement with the patent holder of the retractable winding technology. Its products are designed with the average PC user in mind. Part of the company's intellectual property is in its "connection to the people” that provides direct consumer feedback and market testing programs to create a unique knowledge and vision for this growing and powerful PC buyer group. Data Drive Thru's global headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.

Data Drive Thru, The Tornado, iTornado, PC Eraser, PC-to-PC File Transfer For Dummies, and NSTL Technology are trademarks of Data Drive Thru, Inc. Windows, Vista and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. For Dummies is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.

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