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Lucidiom Unleashes Eight Photofinishing Innovations at PMA 2007 to Grow Profits for Retailers
March 7, 2007

Origin Of News Release: Las vegas, NV (PMA 2007)
Original Release Date: March 7, 2007
Announcement: Lucidiom announces eight new photofinishing applications for retailers
Availability: Now

At PMA 2007, Lucidiom brings it all together for photofinishing retailers with new products allowing their consumers to print from home, online, at kiosks or in stores – all simply connected into one integrated system.

For more than five years, Lucidiom has enabled retailers to establish profitable and varied photo category offerings. At Lucidiom's PMA booth, (#P130, Upper Level, LVCC South Hall), attendees can preview the following products to experience how they can profit from the digital imaging revolution:

1) Lucidiom EQ, the Complete Imaging System, contains every piece retailers need to produce any product involving their customers' photos: two APM kiosks, Photo Finale Web and Photo Finale Desktop, Lab 50 production software, printers, book binder, DVD Cinema, exclusive Luci templates and Photo Folio Bundle – all integrated together to create double-sided photo products, photo books, folded cards, bound calendars, posters, enlargements, bordered photos, passport photos, greeting cards, scrapbook pages and gifts.

2) Luci, Lucidiom's award-winning Luci creative kiosk program, is now available as an addition to any standard APM, Photo Finale Web or Photo Finale Desktop. Luci comes with more than 2,500 exclusive templates to make personalized Wall Art, Collages, Red Letter Cards, Luci Layout scrapbook pages, bordered prints, recipe cards, calendars, game boards and DVD Cinema slideshows—all inventory that lets the retailers go well beyond the standard 4x6 print.

3) Photo Folio Bundle, allows retailers to create double-sided photo products, such as photo books, folded cards and bound calendars, out of Luci art using the Lucidiom EQ-9800 laser printer and Unibind binder.

4) Lab 50 software manages production workflow and interfaces with all printers—inkjet, dye sub, minilab and laser. Lab 50 collects orders from kiosks, Photo Finale Desktop and Photo Finale Web and funnels them into one easy-to-manage queue. With its included APM Order Agent, retailers can manage their kiosks remotely. Retailers also can control pricing and promotions on all their customer interfaces.

5) APM 5.0, the newest version of Lucidiom's award-winning kiosk software, features a shopping cart to allow consumers to order multiple products at one time, along with numerous GUI enhancements. Creative Collections, Creative Collections Plus, scanning, gifting and passport photos now come as standard features, and APM 5.0 will support Luci, DVD Cinema and Photo Folio Bundle as well as the Back Lab Burner for remote CD/DVD creation. Non-photo files such as movies and audio clips also can be burned to image CDs.

6) The APM 2700, Lucidiom's newest APM, features an ultra bright 17" screen, an Intel Core Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, an easily customized monitor frame, an inline EasyReader media drive, a CD/DVD burner and a built-in receipt printer to take orders for prints, enlargements, greeting cards, passport photos and other photo gifts in as little as two minutes.

7) The APM Print & Scan, housing one kiosk, two printers and flatbed scanner, allows photofinishing retailers to grow beyond their store borders. At only 18" wide, 25" deep and 42" high, the APM Print & Scan is ideal for retail locations with limited space inside the store and for retailers that are looking to set up remote kiosks in local cafιs, hotels, hospitals and other community gathering spots.

8) APM ProfitWatcher Dashboard, Lucidiom's award-winning, web-based, interactive, reporting tool, lets retailers know exactly know exactly how their photo kiosks are performing and where and how their customers spend powerful purchasing dollars.

About Lucidiom

With OEM and independent retail clients around the globe, Lucidiom Inc. enables retailers to develop their digital image-based revenue streams. As the leading provider of flexible and brand-independent photo kiosks, Lucidiom's innovative solutions, all connected via the APM Network, include the Lucidiom EQ complete imaging system; APM photo kiosk; Luci creative program; Photo Folio Bundle of photo books, folded cards and bound calendars; APM ProfitWatcher statistics tracker; Photo Finale software suite; and Lab 50 and Print Station job management systems. For more information about how Lucidiom empowers the "Go Beyond 4x6" digital imaging movement, visit http://www.lucidiom.com.

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