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DNP Introduces Next Generation
Dry Digital Minilab to Photo Retailers
March 2, 2007

Origin Of News Release: Center Valley, PA
Original Release Date: March 2, 2007
Announcement: NexLab prototype
Availability: Not specified

NexLab™ Improvements Offer Retailers Higher Volume, Better Operation, and Increased Profit Potentials

DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. is unveiling a prototype at PMA 2007 for the next evolution of its existing NexLab digital minilab. The prototype will be ready for mass market by fall 2007.

The NexLab prototype, for view at PMA booth C175, will be the first dye sublimation minilab that sorts to one output location and includes back print capabilities. Back printing allows retailers to mark the back of each photo with up to two lines of 40 characters each. Current dye sublimation minilabs have at least two output trays depending on the type of print sizes offered. "This often requires the minilab operator to manually sort customer orders from two or more output trays," explains Brett Cameron, CEO of DNP Photo Imaging America. "Use of a single output tray improves customer satisfaction while reducing the time and cost of labor in the photo lab."

Additionally, the prototype includes rack-mountable printers which allow retailers to seamlessly switch out printers based on seasonal capacity and/or to offer a broader selection of print sizes. Workflow improvements include an adjustable monitor for easier use by the operator, increased storage, integrated power and electronics and an automated conveyor to handle and sort high volume order printing. The NexLab features DNP Photo Imaging America software renowned for an intuitive interface that shortens training time and lowers labor costs.

DNP Photo Imaging America commercialized the industry's first dry digital minilab solution in 2002 with the existing NexLab. To date, this solution is already installed in more than 1,700 retail locations across the country. "Based on feedback from our retail partners we designed a next generation—next evolution if you will—that offers solutions few thought possible from a dye sublimation minilab," comments Cameron.

Dye sublimation photo printing is a chemical-free print alternative to traditional silver halide film development. Dye sublimation minilabs, otherwise known as dry digital minilabs, have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional chemical-based minilabs. They require less maintenance, less training to operate, and eliminate chemical waste associated with traditional silver halide development—while at the same time providing high quality, long-lasting, life-like color photos.

The new NexLab is designed to fit seamlessly into low, medium and high volume labs. "This next generation NexLab can print in excess of 1,700 prints/hour and has an extremely small form factor," explains Cameron "When combined with additional features and options, the NexLab of tomorrow is a perfect fit for the needs of all existing and new photo labs regardless of size or output."

Like the existing NexLab, this new prototype integrates with most existing photo minilabs to provide the necessary flexibility inherent in today's photo retail marketplace. It can function as a `print station' for ancillary customer-facing digital kiosks and counter-top stations, a secondary `back-up' option to bridge the gap between downtime commonly associated with chemical-based minilabs, or as a `stand alone' for new store installations. "Our NexLab solutions are paving the way for photo retailers to either convert their traditional minilabs to a chemical free alternative, or work alongside any existing traditional minilab," comments Cameron. "Additionally, all our NexLab solutions—both existing and the prototype unveiled at this year's PMA, are ideal for any new store installations."

For additional information, go to http://www.dnpphoto.com.

About DNP Photo Imaging America Corp.

DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. is majority owned by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP)—one of the world's largest diversified printing/coating technologies company and a Global Fortune 500 company with over $13 billion in annual revenue. DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. is the leading provider of store-branded digital imaging solutions including photo kiosks, dye sublimation minilabs, dye sublimation media and silver halide paper products for the photo retail market. With over 25 years experience developing and producing dye sublimation media products, DNP is the world's largest supplier of dye sublimation media. For more information about DNP Photo Imaging America Corp.'s products call 1.800.467.4935 or visit http://www.dnpphoto.com.

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