Prosidio Announces MyPhoto 5

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Prosidio Announces MyPhoto 5
Delivering Collaborative Photo Publishing
January 9, 2007

Origin Of News Release: CES Las Vegas, NV
Original Release Date: January 9, 2007
Announcement: MyPhoto 5
MSRP: MyPhoto 5 Deluxe: $49.95; MyPhoto 5 Pro: $99.95
Availability: February 2007

Prosidio today introduced a new version of MyPhoto, the leading application for publishing online photo blogs. MyPhoto 5 makes it easy to create Phlog albums - interactive photo web sites - with dozens of pictures in a matter of minutes. The new version adds features that further expand its use as a cornerstone of online photo communities, and will be available for $49.95 U.S. through Prosidio's online store.

"Immediacy, access and collaboration are the hallmarks of the Web 2.0 revolution," said Christopher Kryzan, founder of Prosidio, Inc. "MyPhoto 5 is built on this foundation and makes it easy for people to share more of their lives with more of their friends."

MyPhoto is a Windows PC application utilizing advanced Phlog technology that enables photo albums to be published to the web in a wide variety of formats and layouts, and their contents immediately able to be downloaded - including full-resolution, original images suitable for printing. It includes easy-to-use editing tools and support for a wide range of cameras.

About MyPhoto 5

MyPhoto 5 is available in two versions: a deluxe version designed for individuals, and a professional version that includes features most needed by business users.

MyPhoto 5 Deluxe adds the following new features:

  • PhlogWatcher - Integrated RSS technology makes it easy to subscribe to any Phlog site and automatically download and sync to the latest content.
  • Map mashups - Photos tagged with geographic data can automatically be displayed on maps using new Phlog styles that integrate Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yahoo! Maps.(1)
  • Mobile and remote photo uploads - Photos can instantly be added to Phlog albums from camera phone SMS messages, email and browser uploads.(2)
  • Collaboration - Photos can be uploaded by either the publisher or anyone given access. Moderation tools make instant updates easy, while also allowing content to be previewed before it is displayed.
  • Optional embedded advertising - Customized advertising content from Google AdSense and Yahoo! can be optionally displayed in Phlog albums, providing opportunities to gain advertising revenue from site visits.(3)
  • Phlog albums can now be viewed in any of fifteen languages - with dynamic language selection in the browser - including new support for Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Polish and Portuguese.
MyPhoto 5 Pro includes all of the features of the deluxe version, and adds the following:

  • Customizable styles - Customization controls and five new styles that can be seamlessly embedded in existing web sites, allowing background and font colors to be customized.
  • Watermarking - Images can be stamped with watermarks to protect your ownership of content.
About Phlog Technology

Sites created with MyPhoto can be viewed on standard web browsers, and include a variety of features, such as automatic thumbnail generation and slideshow playback. All Phlog sites include a Phlogo button, which, with a single click, launches an automated download of the site contents - photos, titles, captions, organization, and descriptive data - into the viewer's copy of MyPhoto running on their desktop computer.

Pricing and availability

MyPhoto 5 Deluxe will be available at a suggested U.S. list price of $49.95 from Prosidio's online store at in February, and MyPhoto 5 Pro for $99.95.

About Prosidio

Prosidio believes that people should be able to freely express themselves. Our mission is to provide solutions that make it possible to share the important moments in our lives. Our goal is to provide instant access to photos, anywhere, at any time.

Prosidio Inc. is based in Marin County, California, where it has developed unique expertise in making advanced technology accessible. Prosidio's core strengths include in-depth knowledge of consumer applications, digital imaging, publishing engines and web technology. Information about Prosidio and its products can be found at

MyPhoto and Phlog are registered trademarks of Prosidio, Inc. JavaScript Visual Framework, Phlogo, the Phlog logo (Phlogo), Phlogcast, PhlogWatcher, Prosidio, the Prosidio logo and "Set Your Photos Free" are trademarks of Prosidio, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

(1) Google and Yahoo! map support requires (free) user registration on their sites. Microsoft Virtual Earth is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer on Windows systems. (2) Requires support for compatible version of PHP 4 on Phlog FTP site, with access to all required PHP calls. (3) Requires (free) user registration on Google AdSense or Yahoo! advertising content web sites.

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