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Flexity Showcasing Three New Models Of Award-Winning PowerSquid Surge Protectors At 2007 CES
January 8, 2007

Origin Of News Release: CES Las Vegas, NV
Original Release Date: January 8, 2007
Announcement: MSQ, MSQ-PRO, and Surge1000
MSRP: $54.95
Availability: Coming Soon In 2007

Flexity MSQ and MSQ-PROFlexity, LLC announced the launch of three new PowerSquid Surge Protector models at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show (CES): the MSQ, the MSQ-PRO, and the Surge1000. The two MSQ models were specifically developed with musicians and audio engineers in mind, featuring a sleek black color-scheme, extra-long power cords and Purestream™ power filtering to improve sound quality. The Surge1000 rounds out the existing PC and Home Theater model range, with 1080 joules, 5 power tentacles, 40 dB Purestream power filtering, coaxial and phone-line protection, and a price point of $54.95. The company will be exhibiting January 8 – 11, as Flexity PowerSquid, in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall 2, booth #26806.

Flexity also announced that the PowerSquid Surge Protector has won the prestigious 2006 GOOD DESIGN Award in the Electronics Category from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Design and Architecture. The GOOD DESIGN program is the oldest and one of the most esteemed design awards in the United States. The PowerSquid Surge Protector was selected by the GOOD DESIGN Jury from hundreds of product design submissions, from over 25 countries, ranging from an airplane to a paper clip.

"We are truly honored to receive this eminent award from The Chicago Athenaeum, an organization whose longstanding commitment to good aesthetic and design has inspired greatness from the world’s top designers and manufacturers for over 50 years,” said Chris Hawker, Inventor of the PowerSquid. “What a year 2006 was for the PowerSquid! We look forward to the continued expansion of the product line in 2007.”

The GOOD DESIGN Award marks the third major award that the PowerSquid Surge Protector garnered in 2006. The clever cephalopod-inspired surge protector also won Best of Innovation honors from the 2006 Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), and received the 2006 CES Scientific American Innovations People’s Choice Award for best new product on display, as voted on by the attendees.

The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector is the next step in the evolution of the power strip, featuring outlets situated at the end of short, flexible arms that easily accommodate bulky transformer plugs without wasting outlets. They are easier to plug and unplug than traditional power strips, have greater reach and flexibility, and a striking cephalopod inspired design. The PowerSquid family of products is manufactured by Power Sentry, a Philips company. The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector models are high-end, premium configured products intended for specialty and niche markets.

About Flexity, LLC

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, Flexity is dedicated to re-inventing the power delivery category for modern, mobile lifestyles. Flexity provides sales support for niche and specialty retailers, operates a feature-rich e-commerce web site, and supports the PowerSquid® brand by coordinating the SquidSquad, comprised of avid fans of the breakthrough product.

For more about Flexity, please surf to: http://www.powersquid.net.

About Trident Design, LLC

Flexity, LLC is a venture of Trident Design, LLC, inventor of the PowerSquid and many other innovations. Trident's manifesto is to "Invent the Future" through the creation and distribution of products that transform everyday objects into opportunities to enjoy life. For more about Trident Design, please surf to: http://www.trident-design.com.

About Power Sentry

Power Sentry is a recognized industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of power management and electronic connectivity solutions, including surge protectors, battery backup power supplies and TV antennas. Power Sentry is a recently acquired division of Philips. The company is committed to technological leadership, product and merchandising innovations, and superior customer service and quality. For more information about Power Sentry, please visit: http://www.powersentry.com.


GOOD DESIGN is organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Design and Architecture—one of Chicago's most prestigious cultural institutions and the only museum of architecture and design in the United States. GOOD DESIGN is the most enduring and prestigious international industrial design competition in the United States. Since its inception in 1950, the annual GOOD DESIGN program has bestowed international recognition upon the world’s top designers and manufacturers for excellence in advancing new and innovative product concepts and pushing the envelope beyond ordinary product and consumer design. For more information about GOOD DESIGN and the Chicago Athenaeum, please visit: http://www.chi-athenaeum.org.

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