Parrot Wireless Sound System

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Parrot Revolutionizes Stereo with
Wireless Parrot SOUND SYSTEM
January 1, 2007

Origin Of News Release: CES Las Vegas, NV
Original Release Date: January 1, 2007
Product Announcement: Parrot Sound System
MSRP: $449.99
Availability: Now

Parrot, global innovator in Bluetooth® development and products, has given mobile music lovers a new way to enjoy the music stored on their MP3s, iPods, laptops and smartphones with the introduction of its new wireless, Bluetooth A2DP speaker system that accepts music streamed from a MP3 player, iPod or similar device.

The Parrot SOUND SYSTEM is a revolutionary Bluetooth wireless stereo system comprising two bookshelf speakers, each containing an integrated Class-D 60-watt digital amplifier. It is designed to work with every type of Bluetooth A2DP-enabled source: mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, and Bluetooth-equipped PC and Mac computers. An analog connection – Line In - can also be used to make it compatible with traditional music sources, such as CD players, stereo systems, and the computer’s analog output.

Music is streamed from a Bluetooth A2DP-enabled iPod, for instance, to one of the speakers, which then sends the same file to the second speaker via Bluetooth. You can simply just place one speaker on one side of the room, and the other speaker wherever desired within about 30 feet, and pair the music source with the Parrot SOUND SYSTEM to listen to your favorite tunes. A mini keypad allows you to adjust the volume on each speaker, and the instructions are then automatically sent via Bluetooth to the other speaker.

The Parrot SOUND SYSTEM features the Parrot 5 chipset and benefits from a contemporary design. All electronic components are housed in a white hand-lacquered cabinet. A fabric speaker cover, held in place by magnets, can be removed to provide access to the drivers.


  • Wireless transfer of music and connection between the two speakers
  • Designed to be compatible with all types of A2DP Bluetooth sources (mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, Bluetooth-equipped computers, etc.).
  • Analog Line In for traditional music sources (CD players, stereo systems, PCs, etc.)
  • Contemporary design
  • Fully digitized two-channel amplified speakers
  • Digital Class-D amplifier with 60 W output per speaker
  • Digital equalizer (PC software)
  • Digital crossover
  • Parrot 5 processor
  • Bluetooth 2.0 & EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
  • Bluetooth scatternet
  • Automatic scatternet setup
  • Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
  • MP3 & MP3 Surround decoder with 192, 160, 128 and 112 Kbps
  • SBC decoder with 320, 275, 250 and 150 Kbps
  • RCA line-in for all audio sources
  • Width = 7.5 inches, Height = 1.15 inches, Depth = 0.85 inches, Weight = 8.82 lbs.
The Parrot SOUND SYSTEM is available online and through retailers in the U.S. with an MSRP of $449.99. Parrot offers the broadest lineup of Bluetooth-enabled products available. The company plans to introduce several more new products in the next 12 months.

ABOUT PARROT: “We Put Bluetooth® in Your Life”

Founded in 1994, Parrot has rapidly established itself as a major global player for wireless peripherals around the mobile phone. Capitalizing on the know-how acquired in the fields of voice recognition and digital signal processing technologies, Parrot has been one of the first companies to develop Bluetooth® wireless hands-free car kits, having identified this standard’s great potential as early as 1999.

In 2005, Parrot sold 865,000 units. Determined to be part of the mobile telephone’s increasing importance in day-to-day life, Parrot has developed two new products in 2006: the Parrot Photo Viewer, an LCD photo frame designed to display photos transmitted from a mobile telephone via Bluetooth, and the Parrot SOUND SYSTEM, a wireless hi-fi system with Bluetooth®-enabled speakers. Parrot has achieved strong growth in its consolidated revenues, up from €29.2m in 2004 to €62.5m (€80.9m pro forma) in 2005. and

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