Datacolor Introduces ColorVision PrintFIX PRO 2.0

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Datacolor Introduces ColorVision PrintFIX PRO 2.0
November 2, 2006

Origin Of News Release: New York, NY
Original Release Date: November 2, 2006
Product Description: Color Adjustment Software For Printing
Product Name: PrintFix PRO 2.0
Availability: Now

Datacolor, a world leader in color technology, today announced the arrival of ColorVision PrintFIX PRO 2.0. The free software upgrade to its TIPA award winning PrintFIX PRO and PrintFIX PRO Suite printer profiling solutions will be available for download later in November.

The PrintFIX PRO 2.0 upgrade gives photographers and designers valuable new features to enhance the quality of tinted and black and white prints. Features include a new gray axis algorithm, advanced profiles settings, and new soft proof capabilities--allowing preview of custom profiles and settings before making a test print. Users may also build a range of custom printer profiles for differing black and white tints.

"PrintFIX PRO 2.0 enables photographers and designers to produce their own gallery quality black and white prints," said Krista Behrend, Datacolor's Digital Imaging Product Manager for the ColorVision business unit. "This software upgrade brings back the magic of black and white prints with superior detail, gradation, neutrality, and gray balance. Combined with subtle shadow detail, full highlights, bright whites and rich blacks -PrintFIX PRO 2.0 is the first highly accurate but affordable printer profiling solution available. It puts gallery quality prints easily within reach of any photographer."

New features of PrintFix PRO 2.0 include:

  • New Gray Axis Algorithm - Extended Grays Target allows users to add precision gray and near gray data to profiles, enhancing quality of Tinted and Black and White prints
  • New Curves Import Function - Total control over Black & White Tinting curves in your Image Editor--allows users to apply adjustments to the profile rather than to each individual image
  • New Profile Softproof Capabilities - See the effect of custom profile and settings changes even before making a test print. No more wasted paper and ink!
  • New Multiple Test Image options - Now users can switch easily from the standard test images or use their own personal images
  • New Advanced Presets - Easily select pre-built or custom sets of advanced profiles settings to produce profiles with specific combinations of highlight and shadow tint, and detail and neutrality settings
"PrintFIX Pro 2.0 is the most important innovation in print workflow to date. Through its powerful ICC profiling and intuitive tools, this software introduces a new efficiency and level of creative control for accurate and consistent color to black and white printing," said Gregory Schern, President of Moab Paper Company.

About PrintFIX PRO

Combining ease-of-use, high-precision accuracy, and breakthrough affordability, Datacolor's ColorVision PrintFIX PRO enables any photographer or designer to produce gallery quality prints. PrintFIX PRO precisely profiles and calibrates any RGB-driven inkjet, dye-sub, thermal, chemical, or laser printer with virtually any media, dramatically improving the quality of prints.

About PrintFIX PRO Suite

Datacolor's ColorVision PrintFIX PRO Suite is packaged with Spyder2PRO taking color calibration to a whole new level. This all-in-one digital imaging solution not only calibrates printers, but also CRT, LCD, notebook, and front projector displays. Spyder2PRO provides photographers and designers with the most complete solution for consistent digital color control throughout the digital imaging workflow - from monitor calibration to creating custom printer profiles for final print output. Datacolor's ColorVision PrintFIX PRO Suite was recently recognized as the winner of the 2006 TIPA award for "Best Color Management System".

For more information please visit Datacolor's ColorVision line of Digital Imaging products at the PhotoPlus Expo Booth #1250, or visit online at

About Datacolor

Because color matters, leading businesses, creative professionals, and consumers worldwide choose Datacolor's innovative technology solutions to consistently achieve the right color. A Swiss-held company, Datacolor's strong worldwide presence encompasses global manufacturing and operational facilities as well as an international strategic network of sales and support offices. For more information about the company and its products or services, visit

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