PowerSquid Surge Protector

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PowerSquid 3000 Surge Protector
by Flexity, LLC
August 28, 2006

Origin Of News Release: Santa Cruz, CA
Original Release Date: August 28, 2006
Product Category: Surge Protector
Model Name: Surge 3000
MSRP: $69.95 - $79.95 (Calamari Edition)
Availability: Now / Calamari Edition to follow

Flexity, LLC is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their highly anticipated, award-winning PowerSquid Surge Protector, beginning with the flagship Surge 3000-Calamari Edition. The products are available from PowerSquid.NET, the Apple.com Store, highend catalogs and specialty retailers. Plus, Flexity has signed a distribution partnership with Dr. Bott, which will make the PowerSquid Surge Protector available at specialty Macintosh retailers. The glossy black Surge 3000 models begin shipping at the end of August, with additional models to follow.

The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector is the next step in the evolution of the power strip and is the latest offering in the line of PowerSquid products that are available from Flexity and their manufacturing partner, Power Sentry. The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector models are highend, premium configured products intended for specialty and niche markets.

PowerSquid 3000 Surge Protector - Calamari Edition
PowerSquid 3000 Surge Protector - Calamari Edition

"We are happy to announce that the wait is finally over and the Calamari is now available to all the good folks who have been waiting patiently," said Chris Hawker, founder of Flexity, LLC and inventor of the PowerSquid. “The public’s response and overwhelming popular demand for the new PowerSquid has been nothing short of extraordinary.“

The Surge 3000-Calamari Edition’s graceful cephalopod design and stylish blue-on-white accoutrements are an ideal compliment to the sleek cool lines and signature motif that are synonymous with the Appleฎ brand and product line, extending the look and feel of one’s computer or MP3 player from the device all the way to the wall. In addition, it comes fully loaded with a feature set that includes: a 3240 Joule rating, two glowing neon tentacles, an audible alarm, a flat profile fit 360ฐ rotating swivel plug, and an impressive $500,000 Limited Connected Equipment Warranty.

The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector was honored by the Consumer Electronic Association (CEA) as the "Best of Mobile Office/Home Office" in the 2006 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards competition and received "Honoree" recognition in both the "Audio Accessories" and "Computer Accessories" categories. It also received the Scientific American Innovations People’s Choice Award, bestowed by the attendees of the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest technology tradeshow.

About Flexity, LLC

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, Flexity is dedicated to re-inventing the power delivery category for modern, mobile lifestyles. Flexity provides sales support for niche and specialty retailers, operates a feature-rich e-commerce website, and supports the PowerSquid brand by coordinating the SquidSquad, comprised of avid fans of the breakthrough product. For more information, please visit www.powersquid.net.

About Power Sentry

Power Sentry is a recognized industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of power management and electronic connectivity solutions, including surge protectors, battery backup power supplies and TV antennas. Power Sentry is a recently acquired division of Royal Philips Electronics. The company is committed to technological leadership, product and merchandising innovations, and superior customer service and quality. For more information about Power Sentry, please visit www.powersentry.com.

About Trident Design, LLC

Flexity, LLC is a venture of Trident Design, LLC, inventor of the PowerSquid and many other innovations. Trident's manifesto is to "Invent the Future" through the creation and distribution of products that transform everyday objects into opportunities to enjoy life. For more about Trident, please visit www.trident-design.com.

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