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The first unified software platform for the digital home by Axentra

May 3, 2006

Santa Clara, CA (May 3, 2006) Today at the Connections Digital Home Conference, Axentra announced HipServ™, the first complete software platform for the digital home allowing home users to centrally manage, control and access all their digital content anytime and from anywhere via a browser supported device. The unified approach of HipServ provides an open standard and simple environment for home users to access and share their home based content and view it on their TV or other devices in their home or remotely on any mobile device.

HipServ™ is a comprehensive digital home software platform offering unified and integrated networked home infrastructure and personal digital content management. Through the unified environment, users can now enjoy the ease of access or sharing of photos, music, videos with family and friends, and access to content from internet cameras or DMAs from within or outside the home via the Service Provider (SP) or OEM portal services. Axentra will also make available a portal service called HipSpaces.com to provide users independent access and sharing of their content. Any UPnP device in the home will be easily detected by HipServ™ and added to the HipServ platform for a simple and centralized management. Service Providers and OEMs will be able integrate HipServ™ in their existing portal to deploy a complete set of next generation services to their users to allow them to simply access, share and back-up any content from within the home or remotely. HipServ™ can reside on any home based device (CPE) whether a gateway, NAS, Set Top Box, or even a PC or Mac. The HipServ™ software platform automates complexities found with networking and aggregating content for ease of use. Users can easily plug and play with the HipServ enabled device even if it is behind an existing router.

OEMs will be able to provide unparalleled services to Service Providers or to home users to access and share any content from anywhere.

“We are excited with the announcement of HipServ as this allows Service providers and OEMs to finally provide home users with a central and unified environment to access and manage any home based content” said Marc Benglia, CEO of Axentra. “SPs will enjoy the ability to offer users with a single login to their portal and provide home users with easy access and sharing capability of any content from anywhere. In addition, users will be able to easily back-up their precious content at home or remotely back-up with SPs for added security”.

Axentra is developing key partnerships with OEMs, ODMs, Semiconductor companies as well as SPs to promote the availability of HipServ. Here are some comments:

"Anywhere, anytime access technology is a critical enabling technology for the digital home, and Axentra is driving the charge for digital home integration and unified environment with its innovative HipServ Digital Home Software Platform," said Jeff Timbs, Director of Marketing for Freescale's Digital Systems Division. "We welcome the launch of HipServ and look forward to combining Axentra's new, open standards-based software framework with Freescale's PowerQUICC platforms that target residential gateway and home network storage products."

"We are delighted to see a key enabling technology that will unify the digital home and its content. This new and innovative HipServ Digital Home software suits perfectly with USI's comprehensive PowerQIICC NAS (Network Attached Storage) platforms ranging from 1 to 4 HDD." said Frank Wu, Vice President and General Manager of Storage, Server and Digital Home Group, USI. “USI has a complete product portfolio of multimedia products, and look forward to work with Axentra to jointly develop more Digital Home products with HipServ software in the future.

"Axentra's HipServ software platform is a welcomed technology to simplify access and management of content in the digital home," said Salem Tirane, Product Manager at LaCie. "LaCie is a key player in the home market to provide users with ease of use experience to access and storage/back-up of important content. HipServ is a natural evolution in the digital home and we look forward to explore the potential with HipServ".

Axentra’s HipServ software platform is a comprehensive and unified environment to allow home users to finally easily use various content on different devices within the home or access the content from anywhere, anytime. Home users are increasingly creating more digital content and need a single environment to better manage, access, share and back-up their critical home created content. Axentra HipServ software platform also allows users to access and share their home content using mobile devices.

HipServ™ key features:

  • Content remote access, sharing, publishing (home based content)
  • Unified operating environment and interface to central access to any content
  • Auto back-up from PC/Mac to central storage or remote storage
  • Media management and server (UpnP-AV)
  • Home surveillance (internet camera)
  • Remote desktop access (PC/Mac)
  • Easy management of photos, music, and videos
About Axentra

Axentra is a pioneer in the development of software platform for the digital home and server software for the home and SOHO markets with its award winning Net-Box technology. Axentra’s technology offers leading edge yet affordable and easy to manage all-in-one web, email and file servers and Operating Environment software for PCs and Mac along with OEM and SP solutions. Axentra's value proposition goes well beyond state-of-the-art networking software; it is about giving tens of millions of broadband Internet user total control over their digital environment.

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