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Cisco Press Announces New Simplified Suite Titles
(Internet Phone Services Simplified and Home Network Security Simplified)

May 2, 2006

Indianapolis, IN (May 2, 2006) Cisco Press, the only authorized book publisher of Cisco Systems, today announced plans to add two new books to its Simplified Suite of titles in 2006 to help technology savvy consumers network their home computers, integrate Internet phone services, and devise security strategies. The new books are Internet Phone Services Simplified and Home Network Security Simplified.

These titles will accompany the popular Home Networking Simplified, which debuted in 2005, and Cisco Networking Simplified, published in 2003.

Published at the end of April, Internet Phone Services Simplified takes the guesswork out of VoIP phone services, helping consumers utilize all that the Internet has to offer. Internet phone services offer great advantages over existing telephone systems, allowing users to save money and make and receive calls using high-speed and broadband services. With Internet Phone Services Simplified, consumers can learn how to subscribe to a service, install equipment, and troubleshoot potential issues. Users will be able to compare different services and make the most of exciting VoIP features such as virtual phone numbers and listening to voicemail using your computer while traveling.

"Internet telephony is getting a lot of buzz today, but most people really don't understand what the trade offs are between traditional telephony and Internet telephony," said co-author Jim Doherty. "In writing Internet Phone Services Simplified, our goal was to give the consumer the information they need in order to make informed and confident decisions."

"I get a lot of questions regarding VoIP and IP telephony," said Neil Anderson, co-author and 20 year industry veteran. "This book puts it all into one package for anyone with questions about the topic -- how it works, advantages, disadvantages, and how to string it all together."

Home Network Security Simplified, to be published in July 2006, is a graphic-based title describing the fundamentals of home network security, and shows how to design security strategies.

The Simplified titles (listed below) present basic, need-to-know information on a variety of home networking technologies. The do-it-yourself instructions empower consumers to set up and troubleshoot their own networks, while the four-color illustrations make learning simple and fun.

About the Authors

Jim Doherty is currently the director of strategic marketing with Symbol Technologies. Prior to joining Symbol, Jim worked at Cisco Systems, where he led marketing campaigns for IP Telephony, and routing and switching. Jim is the co-author of Home Networking Simplified and Cisco Networking Simplified and contributed to Cisco CCNA Exam #640-607 Flash Card Practice Kit.

Neil Anderson is a manager in enterprise systems engineering at Cisco Systems, currently responsible for enterprise branch-office networking and teleworking systems architectures. Neil has 20 years of diverse telecom experience, including public telephone systems, mobile telephone systems, IP networks, wireless networking, and home networks. He is the co-author of Home Networking Simplified.

About Cisco Press

Cisco Press, a partnership between Cisco Systemsฎ (NASDAQ:CSCO) and Pearson Education, part of Pearson plc (NYSE:PSO), is the official publisher of Ciscoฎ networking technology and Cisco certification self-study materials for networking students and professionals. With products designed to help users prepare for Cisco certifications and master the implementation and support of a diverse range of networking technologies, Cisco Press provides a variety of products to suit individual learning styles. Cisco Press resources are the only print companions reviewed and approved by Cisco Systems for use in the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Cisco Press products can be purchased at your favorite local bookstore, computer/electronic store, online bookseller, or at www.ciscopress.com.

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