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Imaging Solutions AG And futureLAB AG Partnership For Photofinishing Sector

February 10, 2006

  • Imaging Solutions and futureLAB agree to a partnership for Photoarchiving and Photo Processing
  • A highly simplified process for the consumer
  • Another example of a photo product ordering system competing with consumer printers

Imaging Solutions, global market leader on digital high-speed systems for the photofinishing industry, and futureLAB, supplier of front end software and Internet systems for photo archiving and photo processing, have agreed to a strategic partnership.

In a digital photography workflow, the design and function of the front end user interface has a key impact on success. Within the first 5 seconds of the order process, the typical Internet customer decides whether he will continue with the transaction on the site or interrupt to move on to another website (60 % of all purchase transactions are aborted in mid-order). The solution in development by futureLAB and Imaging Solutions addresses this problem by targeting four key points: customer focus –appeal to the customer emotionally, to win and keep him; product focus: the offered product range precisely reflects customers' desires; technology focus: user-friendliness, speed, secure archiving of data and payment; distribution focus: fast delivery, reliable data archiving and follow-up marketing.

The fotoZEN Imaging Platform offered by futureLAB allows the end customer full flexibility in defining the handling of their image files: they may be emailed, published, edited, stored or sent to photo labs to order photo prints or value added products. More than twenty high profile companies in the telecommunication, media and finishing industry have already implemented fotoZEN. An ordering module jointly developed by futureLAB and Imaging Solutions has been added to fotoZEN for value added photo products. A customized interface allows perfect integration of the fotoZEN Imaging Platform into the PURUS system offered by Imaging Solutions. Of course, fotoZEN can be tailored to a lab's particular requirements. fotoZEN stores photos and texts separately. Therefore individual photos can be enhanced at the lab. As a result, value added photo products can be produced at an outstanding quality levels not previously possible.

Imaging Solutions' guiding philosophy is to deliver future-oriented solutions for the central labs. This objective is gained by partnering with central labs to capitalize new, lucrative market potential. Individualized value added photo products are extremely popular with both consumers and producers. Imaging Solutions is developing, with the new PURUS components, a system to produce value added photo products based on silver halide processes. The central lab realizes two advantages: extending the scope of their deep understanding of photo technology and achieving more complete capacity utilization. In addition, the PURUS components create photo post cards, photo greeting cards, photo calendars and photo books in unsurpassed photo quality.

This collaboration between futureLAB and Imaging Solutions leads to a unique all-in-one system solution to deliver a simple value added photo product ordering system. At the same time, the tools to produce these value added photo products cost-effectively are provided to the central lab to pave the way for attractive consumer pricing.

Imaging Solutions markets fotoZEN in the photofinishing segment with on-site consulting and support.

First results of this strategic partnership will be presented at the forthcoming PMA in Orlando, USA (February 26 – March 1, 2006).

About futureLAB

futureLAB is a software development company founded in May 2000 by its employees. The engineering team consists of very experienced Internet software and network specialists. All members of the management team have a track record of successfully building new products, lines of business and entirely new businesses that have generated millions in revenue in tele¬communications and Internet industries. futureLAB specializes in the design and implementation of innovative software solutions. The fotoZEN online photo management platform is the latest achievement in that area. «Best of Swissweb» assigned it two awards in the categories «innovation» and «creativity» and it is being used Europe-wide as managed service by more than twenty partner companies like cablecom, sunrise, NZZ, Blick, Hotelplan, Interdiscount and others which are offering services to end-users.

For further information please visit:

About Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions AG is an independently operating company of the Photo-Me Group and was founded on May 1, 2003 with its headquarters in Regensdorf, Switzerland. The high-tech company has a team of more than 80 employees; a high percentage of staff is directly involved with R & D and Technology.

Based on the core technology in digital printing and scanning, Imaging Solutions concentrates on further development and innovation of market-proven and leading-edge digital production solutions.

Today Imaging Solutions is the global market leader of modular and solid high-speed systems for the photofinishing industry. Imaging Solutions is also focused on the development of future-oriented solutions for the creation of value added photo products such as post cards, calendars and photo books.

For further information please visit:

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