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Tiffen Introduces New Products to Their KODAK Gear Line

December 21, 2005

Las Vegas, CES 2006, Booth 36000, Dec. 21, 2005 – The Tiffen Company, under trademark license from Kodak, has announced the addition of several exciting new items to its current KODAK Gear line of imaging accessories.

KODAK Gear Bags and Cases

The new line of KODAK Gear bags and cases has been specifically designed for today's slim profile cameras and digital media. Available in a wide range of sizes, these trendy new designs are in hot colors, bold stripes, and geared toward the discerning individual who desires camera protection with style and flair. KODAK Gear bags and cases come with a 10-year warranty –the assurance of KODAK quality behind every product.

KODAK Gear SwitchKitฎ - 7-in One Tripod Combo

Ideal for digital, photo and video users, the SwitchKitฎ features a 53" aluminum tripod that boasts a bubble level and 3-way pan head with quick-release plate as and a mini tripod with ball head. This makes the SwitchKitฎ a smart, convenient, accessory kit for those on the go. The included Switch Gripฎ provides a 6" extension with ball-swivel end (for up to 4lbs), making it easy to rig as a copy stand, Z-axis (straight up or down) shooter or other variations allowed by the extra articulation. Unscrew the tripod pan handle cover to slide out this mini tripod (for up to 2.5lbs). All this plus a padded carry bag, too!

KODAK Cell-Klear and Digi-Klear Cleaning Systems

The KODAK Gear Cell-Klear camera phone lens cleaning system is a small, convenient pen-like cleaner with a unique micro tip designed to fit extremely small, but dirt prone lenses found on today's cell phone cameras. The flexible micro tip is safe for cleaning the optics, while the non-liquid compound will not spill or dry out. A coil leash is attached to the Cell-Klear for attaching to the cell phone for quick and easy access.

The KODAK Gear Digi-Klear digital display cleaning system is designed for display screens found on digital cameras, video cameras, PDA's, and cell phones. Its convenient retractable brush dusts away hard particles, while its unique triangular shaped flexible tip removes fingerprints and smudges with ease. The flexible tip matches the contours of the lens, while the special end cap replenishes the tip with more cleaning compound each time it is replaced and twisted one half turn. Using the Digi-Klear also reduces static build-up to keep dust from easily being attracted to an LCD display or lens. As with Kodak Gear Cell-Klear, the contents of the Digi-Klear pen will not dry out or spill. The convenient size with clip allows it to be stored in a pocket, camera bag or case for quick, easy access.

KODAK Gear Tripods

Tiffen has introduced its new 60" KODAK Gear tripod in a new titanium finish. Ideal for photo, digital and video applications, the mid size version boasts a 3-way fluid head, 2-way tilt plus pan, quick release plate and easily viewed bubble level on its base. The 25mm diameter titanium anodized aluminum 3-section legs offer rigid support and stability for cameras weighing up to 4 lbs. The full-size version has the identical features with even more robust 29mm diameter legs and neoprene foam covers for comfortable handling. The 66" maximum height tripod is designed to support cameras up to 5 lbs.

KODAK Gear Image Magnifier

The solid acrylic KODAK Gear 4X Image Magnifier actually intensifies the light that passes through it, making the magnified subject clearer and brighter. There are no bulbs or batteries in the magnifier. The power behind its clarity and magnification is innovative optical engineering and precision lens grinding (not molding). It is then polished like a glass lens for increased optical clarity and packed in a convenient, soft, flannel drawstring pouch. Unlike `look-alike' loupes of hollow, molded plastic, the KODAK Gear Image Magnifier is made of virtually unbreakable, crystal-clear, solid acrylic – precision machined and polished in the same manner as camera lenses and other fine optics. Its concave base reduces the risk of scratching film or damaging other surfaces.

Permanent and pre-focused magnification allows you to view the object from any angle, from any distance without affecting focus of clarity. Now, clients or colleagues can view the subject at the same time without having to "hunch over" or take turns. The KODAK Gear Image Magnifier is available in 3 sizes: 51mm, 64mm and 90mm. The 64mm is also available with a Coiled Retainer "Lab Leash".

The Image Magnifier is ideal for photographers, designers, architects, graphic artists, collectors, hobbyists, model builders, printers and jewelers. Its multiple uses include viewing maps and charts, schematics and drawings, stamps and coins, fine print, miniature parts, blueprints, jewelry, menus, and x-ray film.

For information on KODAK Gear products or any other Tiffen product, contact The Tiffen Company, 90 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, NY 11788, 631-273-2500, fax 631-273-2557, e-mail at techsupport@tiffen.com, and on the web at http://www.tiffen.com/.

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