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Konica-Minolta Maxxum (Dynax) 7D
September 15, 2004
Konica Minolta is delighted to unveil the Konica Minolta Dynax7D/Maxxum7D. This groundbreaking new 6.1-million-pixel resolution, lens-changeable digital camera is the world’s first digital SLR boasting a body-integral CCD-shift, “Anti-shake” (camera-shake compensation) technology that combines enhanced picture quality, performance and improved handling characteristics. And the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is compatible with the full range of Dynax/Maxxum AF lenses.

The Konica Minolta Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is a lens-changeable digital SLR camera that inherits many of the high-specifications and performance from the Dynax/Maxxum series SLR cameras. Introduced in 1985, the Minolta Maxxum 7000/Minolta 7000 boasted another world first; the first 35mm film SLR with a fully-fledged AF system able to use interchangeable AF lenses. The new model’s high technological standards and heritage make it an intensely appealing camera.

The Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is a digital SLR created using a broad range of unique, sophisticated photographic technologies each developed with years of camera making experience for amateur and professional photographers alike.

The unique, built-in CCD shift-type “Anti-shake” technology makes the new camera the first digital SLR to feature a body-integral Anti-shake function. The key benefit of Anti-shake being it can support all Konica Minolta AF lenses.*2 Anti-shake technology allows photography with reduced blur due to camera shake, even when shooting dimly lit scenes or when using telephoto lenses and shooting macro subjects without the aid of flash or a tripod.

Another key to the new camera’s performance are its 6.1-million effective pixels, housed on a large size CCD plus Konica Minolta’s proprietary, CxProcess™ III image processing technology that delivers high-definition, natural-looking images.

High speed image processing is achieved using the all-new Advanced LSI engine designed to help provide fast data handling for improved camera responsiveness and control.

The camera also boasts a large, easy-to-view, high-definition 2.5-inch color LCD monitor housed on it’s back-plate, the large screen handles the tasks of menu navigation and image display, also providing shooting information and camera setting displays.

In keeping with its acclaimed Dynax/Maxxum film SLR counterpart, the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D inherits a similar, simple to use dial and lever operation system. Enhancing handling further, the new model also features a superbly-bright, easy-to-view, high-performance viewfinder designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

In addition, the new digital SLR offers a comprehensive function set, designed to meet a diverse range of photographic challenges and user needs, complemented by a broad range of Dyanx/Maxxum accessories that give photographers a complete system back-up.

Major Features

  • The world’s first*1 digital SLR with body-integral Anti-shake Technology and CCD Shift Mechanism, including compatibility with Minolta A-Mount optics and allowing all Konica Minolta interchangeable AF lenses to be used
  • The award winning Anti-shake technology was selected as “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004 – 2005” by EISA and provides the equivalent correction effect with a shutter speed 2 - 3 steps slower. Now it’s possible to reduce blur caused by camera shake, even when taking photos in dimly lit or twilight scenes, in natural light with a telephoto lens, as well as macro shots – without relying on a higher ISO setting, the aid of a flash or tripod. Anti-shake responds quickly to both broad, slow-swaying motion of the camera body and the higher frequency shaking typical of camera shake caused by the photographer’s hands. The Anti-shake technology can be switched on or off via a dedicated switch on the camera’s back and when active, an Anti-shake indicator is displayed on the viewfinder to keep the user informed when it’s active.
  • Consistently high picture quality is ensured by the 6.1-million-effective-pixel APS-C size CCD, the unique CxProcess™ III image processing technology, and a combination of Konica Minolta’s expertise in photosensitive materials and exposure control technologies. Each is integrated here in the new model to ensure superb picture quality and to help make the most of any attached AF optic.
    • Large 6.1-million-effective-pixel APS-C size CCD allows shooting of high-resolution images that have a wide dynamic range but with reduced noise, in highlight and shadows.
    • A newly developed Advanced LSI image processing engine for the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D that enables high-speed processing of large quantities of data and designed to improve image processing at high-sensitivity settings ensuring reduced image noise while retaining high picture quality. This combination also helps ensure a handling response similar to the smooth-shooting rhythm associated with 35mm film SLRs.
    • CxProcess™ III is an original, image processing technology designed to provide impressive and natural-looking images. CxProcess™ III, achieves these stunning, natural-looking images by integrating a broad range of photographic technologies gained from Konica Minolta’s long years of experience in this field. It ensures clear and crisp pictures, natural skin tones and packs in detail, ideal for shooting landscapes or macro subjects.
  • Easy-to-View 2.5-inch High-Definition LCD Monitor
  • Menu and Navigation Display
  • Intuitive Operation with Dial-&-Lever System
  • Easy-to-View, High-Performance Viewfinder
  • Highly Durable and Reliable Magnesium-Alloy Body
  • High-Performance, High-Speed AF
  • RAW+JPEG Simultaneous Recording
  • High-Speed Continuous Advance and Image Processing with Large Capacity Image Buffer
  • Comprehensive Image Adjustment and Control for Creative Picture Capture

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