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Solar Motion Sensor Light
from Panpany

July 17, 2016


Panpany is a relatively new company with a tools and home improvement product line. New products from Panpany are being added as I type this review, and they are accumulating an increasing amount of products for your home and other areas which need improvement. The second product to be reviewed is the solor motion sensor light.

Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light

The Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light is a very inexpensive way to put light in areas that would otherwise be more difficult and challenging to put if an electrical setup was needed. Exclusively relying on the sun and its powerful energy qualities, the SML (Solar Motion Light) is designed to shed light when the motion sensor is tripped.

Simple Design, Easy To Position, Effective

Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light

As you can see, Panpany has introduced a very basic model, but it's highly effective and works. The little hole you see in the upper-right corner of the light is where you insert the included pin to turn the light sensor on for the first time. This is a great idea, as batteries can lose their charge over time, and it's good to know your unit is fresh and ready to go, whenever you decide to initiate the sensor's charging capabilities with the simply insertion of the pin.

Easy Installation

Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light

Installing the solar motion light is very simple and not complicated. All you need, is an area where two screws can be placed to position the light, and it's all ready to go. The light takes about a half-day to charge, so I recommend installing it in the morning and just letting it absorb the sun's rays for entire day, to get a thorough charge for night lighting.

An additional note about installation. If you don't particularly want to put screws into a wall, you have a variety of options available. If you look at the back of the Panpany light above, you'll see a hole which a cord or string could be slipped through, and then applying whatever type of semi-permanent hook is appropriate, it could be hung anywhere.


Packaging for the Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Lights came to me in a simple box with just enough wrapping for protection. Since the units are plastic, they really don't need the extra padding and elaborate protection we observed with the LED Desk Lamp.


  • Place anywhere there is sunlight

  • Good construction

  • No installation required other than placing two screws for positioning

  • Bright light for only 4 LEDs

  • Sleek angled design keeps water and the elements from accumulating

  • Very inexpensive


  • None observed


  • You will need to initiate the battery by inserting the included pin into the corresponding hole on the solar motion light.


  • More models with additional adjustments such as angle of light being projected and length of light emission


For just under $20, the set of Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Lights can easily solve your issues with dimly-lit areas throughout your home and property. But since these lights require no electrical installation, they are very portable, and can be used for temporary parking of your RV or other vehicle, where you would like a motion sensor to detect potential movement within your camping ground and shine some courtesy lighting on whatever (or whoever) is in the area.

Being very inexpensive and yet highly functional, the Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light receives a RECOMMENDED PLUS.

Panpany is continually producing more outdoor and home improvement products, so be sure to check them out.


Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light

Review Date: July, 2016
Company: Panpany
Official Website: Panpany
Model: HMP0LB03
MSRP: $39.99
Current Price (USA): Check Price


Model: HMP0LB03
Solar Panel: .44W
Efficiency: 17%
Li-Ion Battery: 2.22WH
LED Power: >.8W
LED Light Range: 6000-6500K
LED Light Lumens: 80 Lumens
Night Sensor: <10 Lux
Motion Angle: 120 degrees
Motion Distance: 3 meters
High Light Delay: 10 seconds
Switch: Off / Auto
Lighting Modes (Auto): Off / Dim / High
Dimensions: ~86.5 mm (W) x ~114.5 mm (D) x ~41.5 mm (H)
Weight: 8oz (each unit)



Panpany Solar Motion Sensor Light

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