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Once I received a Nikon D750, I immediately wanted to take it to the outdoors and start shooting. But then I thought, this isn't my somewhat-inexpensive Sony NEX-5, and I better check into some sort of protection to keep it less vulnerable to the outdoor elements. The D750 is fairly well built from outside contamination, but since the D750 doesn't have a D4-like body which is completely sealed and ready for just about anything, it's a good idea to add a second layer of protection...just in case.

easyCover is located in The Netherlands, and they make a wide assortment of silicone wraps for Canon and Nikon DSLRs and even lenses. In addition to silicon protection wraps, easyCover also offers screen protectors, lens bags, and lens cases. Given the dramatic rate at which DSLR models from Canon and Nikon come out every year, I'm impressed easyCover manages to keep up with the models.

As you take a look below, the easyCover has additional grips for your thumb and surrounding area in order to get a more solid grip when holding it. The silicone feels just a little more smooth than D750's own material, but there's more grip available if you squeeze your hand.

easyCover Coverage

For only $30, a person really can't go wrong with this silicone wrap, however I did observe a few areas that I would have preferred covered: The "Nikon" name which faces forward in front of the built-in flash area, "FX" area, and the "D750" area:

Some may not agree with the sections above being covered, but if I'm shooting in an environment which will need such protection, I'm not going to really care if another person sees the brand, model, and imager format size of the camera. Quite possibly, having those three names hidden behind the wrap might be a good theft deterrent, as prying eyes won't know what you have underneath.

A few examples of why having these additional areas covered would be to prevent the camera from getting splashed with water while shooting on a boat or up close taking a few shots of some sea wildlife/plants while against rocks, or even at an enclosed pool. You just never know when that splash is going to happen, and when it does, you're already soaked.

Minor issues aside, there is much more this silicone wrap does so well for the photographer.

easyCover for Nikon D750 (Left & Right Side)

The easyCover not only protects your DSLR from external elements, but it also protects your investment from something you probably never thought of – residue from your hands and fingers. It really is amazing how much dirt and oil are on your fingers after an extended time outdoors, and when you're out shooting, your fingers are the perfect source to retain much of the stuff that's lying around on trees, rocks, in water, dust, etc.

Since the easyCover's wrap is targeted for a solid hold and a firm grip, virtually all of the oil and residue will be transferred to the easyCover itself...not your camera. After a nice and productive day of shooting in the outdoors, simply remove the easyCover and wash it with a mild ratio of dishwater soap.


  • Inexpensive
  • Protection from the outdoor elements
  • High quality material
  • Very comfortable to hold – even for extended periods of time
  • Covers most vulnerable areas of the D750 while still allowing functionality
  • Two areas on the right side of the silicone wrap add extra gripping power (rear and front)
  • Includes 2 screen protectors


  • Three open areas on the front of the DSLR could be covered


  • Part of the easyCover inserts into the DSLR's hot shoe (which is where the BS-1 Hot Shoe cover would fit)
  • There is a rather large area which is not covered (memory card location)


  • Consider more silicone coverage on the front of the DSLR and possibly the area of memory card location. Since the memory card cover slides outward, it could be covered with a "flap", thereby protecting the side much more.


easyCover is one of the best solutions I've seen for instantly adding another layer of protection for your Nikon or Canon DSLR. It's very affordable, and once on the camera, you might be hesitant to take it off because it feels so good. I haven't personally used an easyCover with the Nikon D750 MB-D16 Battery Grip, but I can only imagine the overall combination of the D750, MB-D16, and the easyCover, would be exceptional.

Being very inexpensive for what it offers and doing a very good job at keeping most of the D750 protected from the elements of nature (and even the user's own fingerprints), the easyCover for the Nikon D750 gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I mentioned extra gripping power briefly in the Pros above, but I'll elaborate a little more. There are two areas on the right side of the silicone wrap that allow your thumb, trigger, middle, and index finger grab with more force than what they could if there was just the single layer of silicone. easyCover adds an extra amount of padding, as well as designing the extra padding in a 45-degree pattern. I didn't notice this at first, but soonafter used it when I was taking a few shots and the camera started to do its own thing. After squeezing harder is when I noticed the extra gripping power. Very nice.


easyCover for D750

Review Date: July 9, 2015
Official Website: easyCover
Material Type: Silicone
MSRP: $39.95
Current Price: Check Price


Highly Recommended

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