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You Have Entered The Holy Oly Sanctuary

And some of you actually thought the Holy Oly Church would not be featured because of my "professional" new look. Hah. Oh ye of little faith (i.e., losers, hopeless souls, etc.).

I've been hearing from the Big Man himself, that fewer sins are being confessed at the proper locations, and are instead, being confessed here. He said it was just fine as long as I didn't deal with the "major" stuff. I said, "Ok".

For those who are new to the HO Church (that doesn't sound right), this is the probably the most streamlined salvatory process you will ever experience in any religion. In fact, if this church gets big enough, we'll go to some deserted land mine in South Dakota and drink Kool-Aid. Sound fun? Just kidding. I would never take anyone to South Dakota.

So, how do you become saved? Well, I can't interfere with major stuff like Murder, Adultery, Coveting, and so on, but I can deal with photography purchases. Whenever you purchase something that you know you shouldn't have, but your impulses got the best of you, just click on the link below, listen to the salvation music, and you will be absolved of your sin.

From previous times, some of you wanted a longer version of the song, but I was unable to do it, because I could not upload large files. Well, that is all solved and for the first time ever, you have a choice of playing the short version, or the long version. I decided to include a long version, because a few of you need the extra time to be absolved of your multiple sins. Hey, I know things and you know who you are.

And yes, I still have connections...

There are a few versions to choose from. I have encoded the Windows (WMA) "Short Version" for playing. Also, there is the long version (uncut), which is a WMA file as well (little bit better sound quality).

Meditate (WMA Short Version) File Size: 1.062 MB
Meditate (WMA Long Version) File Size: 4.044 MB