Firmware Petition for D1/D1x/D1h/D100 Owners (October 7, 2002)

Dear Nikon,

Listed below are the names of people who own your cameras, and have paid a considerable amount of money for them. As a D-Series DSLR owner, we cannot continue to have our cameras sent to a Nikon Repair/Upgrade Center, whenever there is an upgrade available. This is simply not convenient, and those of us who make a living off of our cameras, we cannot afford to have the camera sent out.

Canon owners are able to upgrade their cameras with the latest firmware via Canon's website. Nikon owners not only need this too, but we strongly request this option. So far, there are only 4 DSLR cameras that are unable to be upgraded by the user: The D1, D1x, D1h, and D100. Unfortunately, those who need the convenience of upgrading their firmware from the internet the most, are the advanced amateurs and professionals. These are people who use their cameras almost every day, and do not have the time for an upgrade.

This petition is inform you that there are several Nikon DSLR owners (listed below) who want the convenience and responsibility of upgrading their own cameras, without the need to send the camera to a geographic location that can be very problematic for them. As you are well aware, being a leader in the digital camera world not only has to do with superior picture quality and performance, but also has a relation to how we can upgrade our cameras with little interruption with our photographic profession.

What Nikon DSLR owners are requesting, is an alternative to sending our cameras in to an ugprade/repair facility, for firmware upgrades. We would like the option to upgrade our cameras via internet.

Note To Nikon Petitioners:

If you would like to be added to this list, Email Me .

Please give your First and Last name, City and Country, and Camera(s) you own that pertain to this petition.

Total Number of Petitioners on Page 1: 175
Total Number of Petitioners on Page 2:
Total Number of Petitioners on Page 3:

The lists are currently being redone so that you can easily view whether you have signed up. Each page will currently have 175 petitioners who sign up, along with a Reference number. Page #1 will be 1a-175a, Page 2 will be 1b-175b, etc. Basically, this is for my own measure to be sure each page has 175 signatures, and there are no duplicates. However, if you spot any duplicates, please let me know.

Ref # Name Camera(s).... City/State/Locale Country.....
1a Salvador Abreu D100 Lisbon Portugal
2a Niklas Alberth D100 Söderköping Sweden
3a Giampiero Alessandrini D100 Treviso Italy
4a Marty Allen D100 Kenosha, WI USA
5a Robert Allen D100 Long Beach, CA USA
6a Roy Anderson D100 Spokane, WA USA
7a Niklas Arnfelt D100 Huddinge Sweden
8a Joe Auriemma D100 Philadelphia, PA USA
9a Gil Avello D100 Chicago, IL USA
10a Keith Barbaria D100 New Rochelle, NY USA
11a Alexander Bendayan D100 Boston, MA USA
12a Paul Bettini D100 na USA
13a Andrew Bloedow D100 Beverly Hills, MI USA
14a Albino B Bonanni D100 Sterling Heights, MI USA
15a Gerard Bonus D1x and D100 Cork Ireland
16a Richard Bracegirdle D100 Erskine, Scotland UK
17a Eric Brock D100 West Chester, OH USA
18a Brian Buell D100 Simi Valley, CA USA
19a Mario Burgos D100 Clemmons, NC USA
20a John Burleson D100 Frederick, Maryland USA
21a Jason Busch D100 Portland, OR USA
22a Jeff Carlin D100 Detroit, MI USA
23a Paulo Carochas D100 Macao SAR China
24a Francois Chauffeton D100 Amsterdam Netherlands
25a Bill Choice D100 Houston, Texas USA
26a James Yeo Chuanwee D100 na Singapore
27a Brian Churchill D1x Wareham, MA USA
28a Michael Citrigno D100 Philadelphia, PA USA
29a Larry Clements D100 El Reno, OK USA
30a David Conrad D100 Roanoke, VA USA
31a Marilyn Cook D100 Indialantic, FL USA
32a Kelley Cooper D1x Little Rock, AR USA
33a Rene Corjanus D100 Amsterdam Netherlands
34a Don Cristolear D100 Bakersfield, CA USA
35a Martaez Cyars D100 Southfield, MI USA
36a Larry Deal D100 Shelby Township, MI USA
37a Paul Delisle D100 Fairfield, Iowa USA
38a John Dinham D100 Birmingham UK
39a Donald Dixon D1 and D100 Wausau, WI USA
40a Nasser Djawas D1x & D100 Jakarta, West Java Indonesia
41a Jim Doberman D100 Marietta, GA USA
42a Thomas M. Dogan D100 Ogden Dunes, Indiana USA
43a Jay Dougherty D1x & D100 Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA
44a Thorsten von Eicken D100 Santa Barbara, CA USA
45a Peter Eickhoff D100 Schweinfurt Germany
46a James Eigner D100 Ocean Springs, MS USA
47a Max Filice D100 Chicago, IL USA
48a Moritz Fingerhut D100 Kalmar Sweden
49a Thomas Firth D100 San Leandro, CA USA
50a Joel Flory D100 San Leandro, CA USA
51a Steven Forrest D1x Lake Oswego, OR USA
52a Martin Furze D100 Surrey UK
53a Ermanno Galasso D100 Roma Italy
54a Cathy Gamlen D100 Burlingame, CA USA
55a Giuliano Gennaro D100 Naples Italy
56a V Gottip D100 Columbia, SC USA
57a Sean Graff D100 Salt Lake City, UT USA
58a Steve Griffith D100 Troy, OH USA
59a Dave Guthrie D1, D1X, and D1H Bradford UK
60a Dave Haberman D100 San Diego, CA USA
61a Bobby Handal D1 and D100 San Pedro Sula Honduras
62a Flemming Thor Hansen D100 Greve Denmark
63a Dan Heimbach D1x East Stroudsburg, PA USA
64a Garth Herrick D100 Philadelphia, PA USA
65a Ben Herrmann D100 Fuquay Varina, NC USA
66a Janine Hicks D100 Waterford, Michigan USA
67a Ron Hines D1x Oklahoma City, OK USA
68a Levon Hmapartzoumian D100 Sofia Bulgaria
69a Joe Hoddinott D1x and D100 Hockessin, DE USA
70a Rich Howarth D100 Boulder, Colorado USA
71a Michael Huettemann D100 Mainz-Kastel Germany
72a Tommy Humphrey D1x Dallas, TX USA
73a Peter Hutchinson D100 Woking, Surrey England
74a Max Interlandi D1x Milano Italy
75a Ricardo Jamin D1 and D1x Fremont, CA USA
76a D. Jenkins D1x and D100 na Netherlands
77a Gary J Katz D100 North Hollywood, CA USA
78a Frans Keylard D100 Kent, WA USA
79a N Khan D100 Brooklyn, NY USA
80a Adam Kmiec D100 Naperville, IL USA
81a Jonathan M Knights D1 and D1x Bishops Stortford UK
82a Paul Kowalow D100 Chicago, IL USA
83a Ted Krohn D100 Arlington, VA USA
84a Sondra Lagnado D100 San Diego, CA USA
85a Matt Lagrotte D100 Parkland, FL USA
86a Gary Lam D100 Hong Kong SAR China
87a Doug Lawty D100 Federal Way, WA USA
88a Colin Lee D100 Vancouver, BC Canada
89a Nelsen Leong D100 Lisbon Portugal
90a Richard Leung D100 Hong Kong SAR China
91a Remy Levy D100 Santa Monica, CA USA
92a Raul Llovet D1x and D100 Santiago Chile
93a Peter Lo D1x Hong Kong China
94a Drew Loker D100 Beaumont, TX USA
95a Fred Lucas D100 Maarssen Netherlands
96a Michael MacGregor D100 Appleton, WI USA
97a Bernard Mazet D1 Peymeinade France
98a David Medina D100 Kapolei, Hawaii USA
99a Tom Mester D100 Atlanta, GA USA
100a Jim Miller D100 Dallas, TX USA
101a Bill Milner D1x Salt Lake City, UT USA
102a Erik Moon D100 San Francisco, CA USA
103a Ron Musick D1 Gunnison, CO USA
104a Dan K. Nelson D100 Lancaster, CA USA
105a Victor Newman D100 Forest, VA USA
106a TuanPhong Nguyen D100 Louisville, KY USA
107a Greg Niall D100 Ontario Canada
108a Domenico L. Noto D100 Latina Italy
109a John Noyes D1x & D100 Flagstaff, AZ USA
110a Sjors Obbens D100 Rosmalen Netherlands
111a Jochen Oberreiter D100 Steyr/Upper Austria Austria
112a Kenneth Olinger, Jr D1h San Diego, CA USA
113a Chris Olson D100 Redmond, WA D100
114a Otto Orive D100 Olympia, WA USA
115a Roy Ottaway D1 na UK
116a Dale Parker D100 Nashville, TN USA
117a Thomas Paul D1X & D1H Charlotte, NC USA
118a Pete Perry D100 Brockton, MA USA
119a Luca Ponzo D1x and D100 Napoli Italy
120a Angel Quiroga D100 New Jersey USA
121a Carlo Raimondo D1 Verona Italy
122a Dr. George A. Reilly D100 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
123a Paolo Resmini D100 San Francisco, CA USA
124a Brian Robbins D1x Suwanee, GA USA
125a David Robins D100 Memphis, TN USA
126a John Roper D100 Dallas, TX USA
127a Patrick Rupertus D100 Mechanicsville, VA USA
128a Patrick Sandham D100 Boulder, CO USA
129a Carlos Dos Santos D100 Paris France
130a Fabio Santoro D100 Arona (NO) Italy
131a Budi Santoso D100 San Francisco, CA USA
132a Alejandro Sarmiento D100 Lexington, MA USA
133a Gabriele Sartori D100 Fremont, CA USA
134a Darko in Sasa Pahic Szabo D100 Murska Sobota Slovenija
135a A. Schmidt D1x Eaton, Ohio USA
136a Michael Schmidt D100 Jennersdorf/Burgenland Austria
137a Dr. Mark Shaheen D100 Columbia Heights, MN USA
138a Scott Sherman D1x Redondo Beach, CA USA
139a Chris Sherwood D100 Seattle, WA USA
140a Jacob Shutzman D100 Tel Aviv Israel
141a Dario Silva D100 na Portugal
142a Lee Snook D100 Ormond Beach, FL USA
143a Vincent L. Solomito D1x Cordova, TN D100
144a Neville Sonter D100 Maraylya NSW Australia
145a William Soragnar D100 Paris France
146a Dominick Spolitino D100 Hainesport, NJ USA
147a Ronda Sprick D100 Kansas City, MO USA
148a Bill Staples D100 Duvall, WA USA
149a Ferenczy Attila Stefan D100 Bucharest Romania
150a Richard Stegemeier D100 Sellersburg, IN USA
151a Steven Stuart D100 Gillingham, Kent UK
152a Alexandre Suaide D100 Detroit, MI USA
153a Stephen Syrotiak D100 North Branford, CT USA
154a Gabriel Tal D100 Tel Aviv Israel
155a Nico Tao D100 Pasadena, CA USA
156a Paul Tatman D100 Hertfordshire UK
157a Jorge Tavares D100 Oporto Portugal
158a Rune Thoen D100 Oslo Norway
159a Craig W. Thompson D100 Kelowna, BC Canada
160a Dave Thompson D100 Fareham, Hampshire UK
161a Tom Thompson D1x St Paul, MN USA
162a Steve Tiell D100 Columbus, OH USA
163a Sonny Trang D100 West Hills, CA USA
164a Campbell Tuppen D100 & D1x London UK
165a Michael Tutton D100 Toronto, Ontario Canada
166a Pete Varvarezos D100 Mundelein, IL USA
167a Jacques Verrees D100 Namur Belgium
168a Jörg Verstraete D100 Ghent Belgium
169a John Ward D100 na France
170a Wolf Dietrich Wehnert D100 Nürnberg Germany
171a Chris Wheeler D100 Bedfordshire England
172a G. Tom Williams D100 Jupiter, FL USA
173a Lenny Winter D100 Homosassa, FL USA
174a Joseph S. Wisniewski Multiple D100 Livonia, MI USA
175a Dr. Adrian J Wreyford D100 Pietersburg South Africa

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