Iwill DN800-SLI

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Iwill DN800-SLI
Overclocking The DN800-SLI
July 20, 2006
DN800-SLI Introduction DN800-SLI: A Closer Look DN800-SLI Chipsets
Overclocking The DN800-SLI DN800-SLI: Video Card Options
DN800-SLI Specifications DN800-SLI Conclusion

After speaking with Iwill, Kingston memory is the very same memory they design and engineer their motherboards from.

Gigaram Memory Not Tested Yet

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to test Gigaram's 2GB modules on the DN800-SLI as I would have wanted. I hope to contact Gigaram and try out a few of their modules to see if they work.

Only Smart Modular 2GB Modules Officially Accepted By Iwill

Iwill told me they currently only have one manufacturer where 2GB DDR2-400 modules will work with the DN800-SLI (and their other boards requiring ECC Registered DDR2-400). Unfortunately for most of us, attaining these modules is practically impossible since they currently sell for around $1,200. That's each. Considering Gigaram modules can be purchased for around $300, you'll begin to see the excitement about the possibility of using a massive amount of memory at an affordable cost.

Overclocking Kingston KVR400D2S4R3/1G Modules

Before you read the overclocking results, I'd like to mention server boards are not typically an "Overclockers" board. I do think this is gradually changing as manufacturers are noticing more Motherboard Enthusiasts wanting dual processors. Two is better than one anyway. We have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, and why not have two processors?

DN800-SLI Overclocked
Components Iwill DN800-SLI
(2) Kingston KVR400D2S4R3/1G Modules
Intel Xeon 3.6GHz 2MB (Irwindale)
DDR2 Working Voltage 1.80V Default Setting
Overclock 225 Default is 200
CAS# Latency Auto Default Setting
tRP Auto Default Setting
tRCD Auto Default Setting
tRAS Auto Default Setting
Processor Speed 3.60GHz Stock
Processor Speed 4.07GHz Overclocked
CAS# Latency 3 Default Setting
tRP 3 Default Setting
tRCD 3 Default Setting

DN800-SLI Is Simple To Overclock

The latest BIOS version (1.12--which is probably the last as well) from Iwill, allows for overclocking. The amount of effort to overclock the DN800-SLI is very simple, but the basic precautions should be noted. Personally, I am not going to change the voltages of the processors. There's simply no reason to do so, and if a person finds they need to do so, then a different motherboard is a better option. Why? Well, you want stability. Which brings us to the next section...

DN800-SLI Stable Numbers

I'm currently running the Iwill DN800-SLI stable at a FSB of 225. The Xeon 3.6GHz is cruising along at around 4.07GHz. I could possibly go to an FSB of 230, but I haven't felt the need. 4GHz is plenty fast enough, and you do not want to put more pressure on your CPU than what's necessary. In terms of overclocking percentage, I'm at an 11% overclock. Some people may not even consider this an overclock per se, but yet again I need to remind everyone this is not a game where you try to get the highest overclock numbers and post on a favorite tech forum. What we're trying to do here, is find a nice compromise between stability, and an increase in performance--which I think I found with a front side bus of 225.

Running ECC Registered Memory

Another point I'd like to make is these overclocking numbers have been achieved with ECC Registered memory. Now, this might raise the eyebrows of a few who read this because ECC Registered memory has long been considered something to stay away from because you can't overclock it. Well, I think I can put that myth to rest. True, you can't overclock to a FSB of 250 or 270 with the Kingston KVR400D2S4R3 modules, but this is totally unnecessary because of the type of processor being used, and the speed it's running at. I can't count how many times I've read where someone buy's an inexpensive processor, then overclocks the hell out of it. This is fine for some situations, but in my particular case, I will be using the DN800-SLI as a workstation, which in itself implies it must be stable.

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