Bored off my @$$

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Bored off my @$$

Postby Kronos » Mar Tue 16, 2004 5:44 pm

Well I sucessfully wasted about 20 minutes putting this together:


I need two raincoats, one for me and one for my camera so I don't go nuts indoors. I a week of vacation next week, I hope there's some good weather or I'll end up throwing money away on ebay!!

BTW: How's this photo look as a magazine cover?

Anyone else have fake covers they've made? Real ones?
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Postby Talvan » Mar Tue 16, 2004 7:04 pm

Ok, as for the Magazine cover part, no I havent made one. One thing I would recomend is using different font colors for the different subjects. It has a single font color business card look to it.

And on the rain coat thing, before you go wasting your money on Ebay, check this out.

Ewa Marine Economy Camera Rain Coat

That is just one of the many they have. Some models have clear lenses on the front. They even have water proof bags for cameras to take them diving. I personally wouldnt trust one to my digital, even though it is 3 years old, I would go more for the solid Titanium one from Aquatica.




Light & Motion

Enjoy on your Rainy Day. :D
John Talvan
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Postby TonyK » Mar Tue 16, 2004 7:41 pm

I like it and I agree about changing article title colors. That way it draws the reader's eyes to the different topics.
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Postby Ballen Photo » Mar Tue 16, 2004 9:34 pm

I like it just as is. Looks a lot like all the other photo mags on the shelf to me. Nice waste of time Mark.
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Postby mattchase » Mar Tue 16, 2004 11:31 pm

I think the image itself works very nicely, it is colorful, but has some blank space top and bottom for text. The monochromatic text is ok, but not sure about it being the yellow it is. It is readable, and stands out, but maybe a little too much. I wouldn't go crazy with different colors, but maybe a couple options, such as one color in the sky area and one in the black at the bottom. Or a different color for one line of text that you want to stand out. Also try a different font style (such as italic) on things you want to have stand out or otherwise seperated from the rest the text.

And nope, I can't remember ever having made one.
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Postby Vance » Mar Thu 18, 2004 12:19 pm

Personally I'm waiting until I have an American Photo Magazine type cover shot. ;o)

Good try Mark, I often catch myself playing around in PS seeing if I have a " Cover Shot " type image. :D
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Postby Frank B » Mar Thu 18, 2004 3:02 pm

It is really nice. Like it as is.
Frank B

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