Lightroom 2, ACR 4.5, New Camera Profiles - Now Available!

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Lightroom 2, ACR 4.5, New Camera Profiles - Now Available!

Postby JoePhoto » Jul Tue 29, 2008 8:52 am

Adobe Lightroom 2 now available!
Check out the Lightroom Journalfor details
Full - $299
Upgrade - $99
Discount code for Lightroom 2 purchase: PIA06 (until 07/31/08)

From John Nack's Blog:
LR supports external editor presets, enabling easy jumps to/from apps like Noise Ninja and PTLens. Thus Lightroom handily matches Aperture 2.1's ballyhooed plug-in support, while offering far superior Photoshop integration plus non-destructive localized image adjustment.

Adobe Labs now hosts the new DNG Profile Editor. This is a big deal. In brief:

-It enables the rendering you get in LR (or in Camera Raw) to match what your camera renders as JPEGs--frequently a pleasing starting point for adjustments. As photographer Ian Lyons writes, with these profiles you can "approximate the in-camera JPEG rendering as well as the various styles and looks provided either in-camera or via the camera vendor's own software solution."

-It offers demanding photographers a new degree of control for finessing the appearance of colors (e.g. skin tones).

-In other words, we can put a fork in assertions of "Raw converter X looks like what I see on the back of my camera, so it must be more accurate than what Adobe shows" and "I just can't get look/tone/value X in LR/ACR." Expect to hear more soon.

-Camera Raw 4.5 for Photoshop CS3 (Mac | Win) has been released & offers full support for rendering edits made with LR2 as well as profiles created with the Profile Editor.

Download Links:
Lightroom 2 - 30 day trial
New!! Adobe Standard & Camera Matching Profiles
New!! DNG Profile Editor (Not just for DNG files!)
ACR 4.5 Windows
ACR 4.5 Mac
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