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Postby Vance » Aug Sun 05, 2007 7:44 am

Yeah... we can all give good kudos to Oly for putting the E10 out there, as it is how we all met and started our great little community here... that and DPR. ;o)

To be honest though, I still print images that I took with it, and take them to work as 8x10's and get great comments on the images, and there are several 11x14's framed and hanging on my walls here at home.

Maybe I'll take it out someday and see if it can hold up. I'll have the 30D as well... just incase. ;o)
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Postby TonyK » Aug Sun 05, 2007 7:53 am

Given the right light, I could have used the E-10 very well. In low light situations though, where I needed to push the sensor, much like I did Tri-X in high school, I was rewarded with horrible digital noise.

We won't discuss how bad the focus by wire was or the fact that I never did get it to manually focus well.

Yet it was light, easy to use and silent. All great qualities for me.
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