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Postby Frank B » Mar Tue 02, 2004 2:13 pm


Glad you are enjoying your 10D. Normally, images from the 10D require sharpening. As a "professional" camera it is set up so that the default sharpening is relatively low as it is usually better to sharpen with your software. Many people keep their in camera sharpening set as low as possible and sharpen in Photoshop or whatever software they are using.

If the subject matter is within DOF then it should sharpen nicely. If it is well outside of DOF than no matter how much sharpening you apply it still won't be sharp.

I applied substantial sharpening in Photoshop to the above picture.

When you print you normally need to sharpen a bit more than you would for viewing on a monitor.
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Postby SharpShooter10D » Mar Tue 02, 2004 3:23 pm

Well as usual you are a wealth of information and you pointed out something I hadn't thought about.

It makes perfect sense that you would need to sharpen a tad more for printing then you would for viewing and with these new printers and special paper images really pop out.

You really made me feel good when you told me you sharpend the image above, I was trying hard to achieve the same thing out in the field
and without luck.

Thank you again for all the information you have given me I can't wait for good weather to come to put it all to good use.

Have a great day.
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