Another Silver Efex Image

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Another Silver Efex Image

Postby TonyK » Feb Sat 06, 2010 7:42 am

Here is another image processed through Aperture and Silver Efex. This works much better in B&W than in color.

(NOTE: again, the forum cannot determine the image size for some reason)
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Re: Another Silver Efex Image

Postby JoePhoto » Feb Mon 08, 2010 11:33 am

The conversion is very nice, Silver Efex makes beautiful B&W's, but honestly the subject doesn't do much for me. The composition is unbalanced with the brightest area in the lower left corner. Now I'm far from a landscape photographer myself so I can't offer the best critique but I'm sure you can find something evocative in the nature of how those branches interact with each other.

Perhaps study the work of Peter Lik to see how he uses light, color, form, composition, etc in his images. I've seen his gallery in Vegas and his work is amazing as well as vast. But you can take away a lot of lessons by simply looking at how he composes his frames or makes his exposures for example.
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