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Quick Reply Mod Status

Postby JB » Aug Sat 22, 2009 10:11 am

This post will be a reference for monitoring the status of the Quick Reply modification which has been requested. One of the problems with this mod, is it's still buggy and I tried it last night to find out if it had been fixed. It was said to have been fixed, I updated some files...then the entire DD forum went batshit and I had to revert back. This was not easy to do. In any case, come here to see what is currently going on with this modification.


QRM is currently being evaluated more closely (posted 8-22-09; 10:17am PST)

QRM removed and DD Forum restored to previous condition (posted 8-22-09; 3:35am PST)

QRM Unsuccessfully installed (posted 8-22-09; 1:35am PST)

Quick Reply Mod: Forums Will Be Down Temporarily (posted 8-22-09; 12:35am PST)
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