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Postby Vance » Oct Sun 01, 2006 11:24 am

Okay guys/gals.

After hanging some prints at work of some of my better stuff, I've was asked what my prices for portraits and such would be. So, using what I was paid for my last job I came up with this.

Retainer: $65.00 due at time of contract signing to reserve the date. (retainer will be applied to print purchase)
Photographer Session Fee: $100.00 per hour (due at end of session)

Packages (do not include Session Fees)
Deluxe Package: $170.00 (includes up to 4 poses their choice)
Includes 1- 11x14 .. 4 8x10's .. 4 5x7's .. 1 sheet of 20 Wallets (2inx2in)

Standard Package: $130.00
Inculdes 4- 8x10's .. 4- 5x7's .. 1 sheet of 20 Wallets (2inx2in)

Cost Saver Package: $70.00
Includes 2- 8x10's .. 2- 5x7's 1 sheet of 20 Wallets (2inx2in)

Individual Prints
11x14 $50.00
8 x 10 $25.00
5 x 7 $15.00
Wallets $20.00

Printable (copyrigh released) CD/DVD's $150.00 to $300.00 (price dependant on amount of pictures and sizes)

Weddings of course will be priced differently.

Too much or Too Little ?
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Postby mattchase » Oct Sun 01, 2006 7:35 pm

Aaugugh, everybody run!! Vance has FLEEEEEES!!!

Oh, fees. Right. Sorry. :bong

Back when I was thinking about doing the pet portraiture I came up with a pricelist which is very similar to the prices you have here. I based mine on both other pet photographers (which there weren't many to go by) and a few regular portrait photographers, trying to be somewhere in the middle to slightly above middle price range. I haven't done any of this type of photography so haven't been able to test these prices, but feel pretty confident that they are in line with what people would be willing to pay. So I'm not the best person to answer this question (not from an experience standpoint at least), but I think you are in the ballpark. The only thing I would add is a 16x20 price and maybe a 20x24, which you will be asked for from time to time (especially if it is a full family portrait), and perhaps keep in the back of your mind canvas prints.

My thoughts on pricing are, as long as you aren't waaaay out of touch (which might just scare people away from the start), you can always lower your prices or offer "limited time" discounts if you find people complain or are hesitant to buy. It's easy to go lower, it's hard to go higher. But that doesn't mean it's ok to knowingly start too high.
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Postby Vance » Oct Mon 02, 2006 2:30 pm


I was thinking of going back and changing it to say Fleas... ;o)
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Postby TonyK » Oct Mon 02, 2006 4:56 pm


As a marketing device I would say $49.95, $24.95, etc. on the individual prints. IMHO I would make the 8x10 ~$19.95 and price the others from there. Of course it depends on how much it costs to physically get the 8x10 print. From WHCC it would be $2.00 with a min. order of $12 (6 8x10 prints).

People will try to talk you down off your fees. Again, IMHO it might be better to roll your fees in to the package price if possible.

Good luck,
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